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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Last Days of Summer & The Occupy Anniversary

A simple last-days-of-summer outfit I sported weekend before last.
The real star of the show are these spike earrings from that I've been totally obsessed with since they arrived at my door. I illustrated my desire for spiky baubles in this post.

Dress: Winners || DIY Aldo Shoes || Bracelets: from Mom || Earrings: || Sunglasses: Forever 21

One year ago this week the 'Occupy Wall Street Movement' kicked off in New York City. Subsequently cities all over the world adopted their own Occupy Movements.
A year on do you think the Occupy Movements made a mark on history? Or will they soon  be forgotten? 
Have they forced us to re-evaluate how we distribute wealth? Or has nothing changed?
It was a brief but moving moment in our near history and I'd love to know what you thought of it.
Thanks for visiting today.
~ Photos by Nazia ~

Thursday, May 10, 2012

British Style & Hillary Clinton's Makeup

Did you know that May is Hamburger Month? Meaning, you should be indulging in burger goodness...which I would normally be all over since I do have a weakness for hamburgers. Even during my nine years of vegetarianism....burgers were still tempting. Anyway, despite the fact that it's burger month, Chris and I keep going out for Fish and Chips. We featured the last time we had Fish and Chips here.

Threadless T-Shirt//Buffalo Jean Jacket//Thrifted Pleated Skirt//Aldo Shoes which I DIY-ed//Orange Scarf from Le Chateau//Earrings from the Dollar Store//Bracelets from provincial park gift shop in northern Ontario

Also, I just want to go on the record and applaud Hillary Clinton for saying that she doesn't care if she is seen without makeup. Seriously, whether you agree with her politics her not, surely we can agree this is a woman of intellect, authority and accomplishment. I don't think there's anything wrong with makeup, but there's nothing wrong with not wearing makeup either. Oh no, a woman went out without makeup - the horror! Hide your children! I respect that she doesn't feel trapped by the unfair expectations placed on women. It must be so liberating. 

Also, I would like to say that the meal at British Style Fish and Chips was very good.

~ Photos by the chippy Chris ~
Thanks for dropping by guys.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chris's Checkered Shirt

Clothes become part of who you are, your memories, your life. Which is why when Chris leaves town for a day or two, I'll sneak into his closet  and wear something of his so I can feel close to him. He doesn't get it, he thinks I have enough clothes (um, is there such a thing?) so why rummage through his stuff, but by wearing something that is Chris's I feel connected to him. Maybe this is the grown up equivalent to wearing your boyfriend's varsity jacket? Whatever the reasoning - Chris, I wore your checkered shirt while you were away. Here it is. Deal with it, bud.

So tell me, do you guys feel all sentimental about clothing the way I do? When my dad was sick, I started wearing one of his old sweaters around the house. I always wear pieces of jewelry my mom gives me. When I see a friend I haven't seen in a while, I'll make sure to wear something that gave me, or might have a special meaning for her.  Am I alone on this?

I also have to thank so many of you who shared your thoughts on ethical uses of Photoshop on yesterday's post. Loved reading what you guys thought. 

~ Photos by Adam ~

Outfit Details:
Chris's Shirt//Tristan & America Navy Blazer// Zara Pants from Mexico City//Bracelets from mom
Aldo shoes that I DIYed - you see how here
Sunglasses bought in Kensington Market here
Blue Earrings c/o of t + j designs

And...don't forget to enter the Indian Bracelets giveaway!
You can get all the details here.

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