Monday, December 9, 2013

Old Habits/Patterns/Problems Die Hard

Hi guys, so my quest for "minimalism" got me thinking that this would lead to less thrifting. Less time at second hand shops. Because fancy, schmancy, well dressed, minimalist women don't go looking for loopy, over-sized, "artistic" finds. The kind of pieces that I used eat up at thrift shops. Well, last week I decided to pop-in to my favourite second hand store, Double Take. After all, what harm could it do? I'll just take a quick look I thought. It's not like I'm going to buy anything, right? Well, I walked out with a new (and I do mean new) pair of Zara cap-toe heels, and a suit that fits like a glove from Tristan & America. See my thrifting finds below:

I know this suit doesn't look much lying on the floor like that. Limp and lifeless. But trust me, it was great when I tried it on. Plus, I always get a little extra joy when I find a piece from Tristan. I worked at Tristan during my undergraduate degree. That's how I paid for school, had an un-Godly number of "business suits" for a teenager, and helped countless upper middle class women get dressed for work. 

Well, it seems clear that my mission to break away from thrifting is not going to happen if I keep getting "finds" like these. Like my husband Chris said "You're never going to shop full price, are you?" No, my friend, I am not. Well, at least these pieces still fit into the minimalist mantra. And here are some inspiration ideas on how to style them.

And on the theme of old habits and patterns....

I wanted to thank you guys for being supportive about my return to the blog. When I shared that initial re-entry post a few days ago, the response was encouraging and I thought "why did I ever stop doing this?" And within a couple of days, I remembered why: The Pictures! Who is going to take the damn pictures? 

When I first started the blog, my friend Mark took my pictures regularly, and did it with enthusiasm and never once made me feel embarrassed about asking. And I was living with my sister at the time, she always helped out. But Mark and I no longer work together and Nazia and I no longer live together. And when those two things happened, that's when the blog started to dwindle. A small of group of friends always came through when I asked, but I hated asking them because let's face it, it's a hassle for them. And it's embarrassing to say "Can you take pictures of me....and my outfit....for my ... blog?" and think in my head 'oh God, are these words actually coming out of my mouth? Do I sound like an idiot?'

I never enjoyed the timer and remote controlled selfies. First of all, it's not nearly as fun as taking the pictures with someone, and they're just not as good. I prefer even a so-so photograph taken by a dear friend, than a decent one taken by me.

I feel very vulnerable asking people to help with the pictures. And I've had to do this again, after a long time, this past week. And it's not been easy (thank you Dagna for saying yes...those pictures I'll post in a few days.) 

So, here I am again, facing a challenge that I faced more than year ago, and feeling that same stinging embarrassment. But, I'll sort it out. The universe always provides a solution. Worst case scenario: There's always the iPhone selfie.

~ Thanks for stopping by and reading guys. Have a great week. ~


  1. Major score. Those shoes are amazing! You could always go the tripod route. :) We'd love it if you joined us for Monday Mingle again!

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