Thursday, November 28, 2013

Rewriting The Fashion Songbook

Hello beautiful strangers, after a very long hiatus, I'm compelled to return to the blog and share some sartorial musings with you.

For the year that I was sharing daily outfit postings, the mantra of the blog was about being creative, and whimsical, and pushing boundaries, and not being defined by other people's rules. I still believe in these tenets but that mantra was representative of a specific time and place and a certain series of life events. And in the past few months, I find myself gravitating towards a very different fashion style, and it's not one that I've embraced before: Minimalism.

 For several weeks this summer I was doing work that necessitated a certain rotation of simple blouses, pencil skirts, blazers, understated accessories and black pumps. Initially I felt frustrated about having such a narrow framework to work within. But, after a while I found it liberating. I had developed a work uniform, and it made life (and getting dressed in the morning) a lot simpler. The kind of pressure that came with constantly making a bold statement with my clothing was gone, and being able to rely on classic pieces to always look and feel polished was surprisingly fun. When I had the opportunity to return to my quirkier style this Fall, I found I was no longer interested. So I'm rewriting my fashion songbook. 

I'm not all together certain what having a minimalist wardrobe means, but I think it comprises of having simply, but beautifully tailored pieces. The wish list includes: Silk and cotton blouses, pencil skirts, lean/skinny pants and jeans, classic shoes, accessories, purses, neutral colours, and classic, even masculine shapes. And that's the direction I want to move in. I no longer want to have a closet bursting with items that seldom get worn, but I feel emotionally attached to. The focus is on having less, but better pieces.

It's so nice to be writing a blog post again. It's the first post in 6 months. And the first fashion related posted in more than a year. Friends, wish me luck in this new direction, and share your thoughts.

~ Dedicated to RMH ~
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  1. It's so wonderful to see you post again! I've been drifting towards a more simplified wardrobe as well, and it was lovely to see you post on this.

  2. yes! welcome back... and I for one actually have always treasured "minimalist" fashion ...though I like to call it stylish classic ;)

  3. I love simplified clothes, they give your outfit a really clear look.
    Katya xx

  4. I just happened to check out your site from my bookmarks this morning. I'm thrilled you're back, and I totally understand your transition. I've gotten pretty tired of wearing only the loud, standout stuff and find myself recently buying more neutrals and wearing less jewelry and crazy shoes. Can't wait to see what you do.

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