Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Don't You Look Corporate Today?"

Dear friends, sometimes I just don't know how to respond to the things people say. We've all been there: someone makes a comment about your appearance that isn't really a compliment, and it's not really a criticism. Or if it is a criticism, the person saying it is being pretty passive aggressive. And it's difficult to respond when you're not really sure either way.  For example, I wore this outfit two days ago at work, and someone in the office said: "My, don't you look corporate today?" And yes, she did say "My" at the beginning of the sentence. 
I just offered up an awkward laugh and said "Uh, I try."
I'm not trying to be difficult, I genuinely don't know what to say. Maybe it's a compliment, but maybe it's not.
Other examples I get from time to time: "I read your article in the paper." - Um, thanks? Or did you totally disagree with my point of view and you're just too polite to say it?
Or how about: "I saw your blog." - this one definitely makes me uncomfortable. What am I supposed to say?  Potentially the subtext is "I saw your blog = I judge you for being shallow." Help!

This post is my submission to the Trend of the Month Challenge.

Purple Dress and Kenneth Cole Heels: thrifted at Double Take || Blazer and Belt: Tristan & America || Pearl Earrings: Purple Jade || Necklace: Le Chateau, gift from Chris

So tell me, how do you gracefully manage through those awkward social exchanges?
Thanks for visiting guys.
~ Photos by Sinisa ~

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What I Wore: Adam and Erin's Wedding

My colleague and friend (and occasional blog photographer) Adam Killick got married a few days to a very lovely lady named Erin. I was honoured to be invited to their wedding, and this is what I wore. It was tempting to wear a summer dress to their beautiful ceremony at Erin's family's home. But, you know, why not take this old standby out for a spin? 

Blue Shalwaar Kameez was a gift from Chris || Bracelets from a small shop in Little India || Pearl Sandals from Karachi || Earrings: Gift from my aunt in Amsterdam || Ring: || Purse: Aldo

Photo of Adam and Erin, stolen from Adam's Facebook page.

Adam said something incredibly sweet during his speech at the wedding: He said that in Erin he had found someone who accepted and liked him exactly the way he was. And it was a nice feeling. 
If we could all be so lucky to be accepted and liked for being exactly what we are. 
Congratulations guys! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together!

Monday, August 27, 2012

2 Things + Neil Armstrong

2 Things:
1. If you check this blog regularly you might be a little confused about my hair length. "Didn't she just chop off all her hair last week?" Yes I did. But I have a backlog of photos and posts from pre-haircut times. So if you see long hair, it's not a weave or a wig, it's just a blog time-machine. Back to the future! Also, thank you so much for your wonderful words of encouragement about the hair cut. You guys are the sweetest.
2. This post is yet another installation of my mission to incorporate more Pakistani and Indian clothing into my daily routine. And this year, with printed pants being such a big trend, I figured I might as well use my printed Indian pants to bring this trend to life. And my submission for the InFB challenge.

Black Tunic: Alfred Sung for Zellers || Shalwaar Pants: Pakistan || Kenneth Cole Shoes: thrifted || Snake Necklace: Gift from cousin Sabrina || Silver Bracelets: from Mom and Suzy Shier || Earrings: Either from Turkey or Greece

In the news: I found myself surprisingly moved and saddened by the death of Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon. For as long as I've been alive that small step yet giant leap has been a part of my consciousness.  I imagine it's been the same for you. And while his steps on our distant little brother the moon seem like ancient history, one has to give credit where credit is due. He and the team he led, defied gravity, flew out of our planet bravely towards the unknown, at a very high risk of dying, to make one of humanity's dreams come true. Science. Human achievement. Discovery. Exploration. Excellence. And despite all that - Humility. He was a moment of greatness. I'd like to imagine Neil's soul is now swirling around in the universe, enjoying the very solar system he helped make more tangible for us. Rest in peace Neil. 

I know I just said it above, but I'm feeling the love, and I want to thank you all again for your sweet words about the hair cut. Eventually I'll work my way through these long haired pictures and it will be shorty city soon enough.
Let us all feel the love this week.
~ Photos by Chris ~

Friday, August 24, 2012

A Hair Raising Adventure

And then this happened.... 
For as long as I've been working on the blog (around 10 months) and way before that, I've had long, long, long hair. I've been thinking about getting a cut for a while, I was way over due. And then on Wednesday evening, on the way home, I decided to walk into a salon and chop it all off. And it feels great.

This is me at 7:30pm Eastern.
At 7:35pm.
At 8:30pm
Green Blouse worn backwards: Alfred Sung for Zellers || Midi Skirt & Heels: thrifted || Leather Belt: Tristan & America || Bead Necklace: Small shop in Vienna, Austria ||

This is the lovely Amber, and she is the brave and talented soul who cut my hair. Thank you Amber.

My friend and colleague Piya was exceptionally kind when she saw my haircut at work on Thursday. She asked why I did it. And I gave her a longer answer which she encouraged me to share with you guys: When I was in my undergraduate years at university, I was very politically active, and very militant in a way about my beliefs. And I had made a conscious decision to have short hair. Long hair was for nice girls. Or boring girls. And then I moved to Mexico, and my world view changed, and softened, and I just let my hair grow long. And it stayed long-ish for a long-ish time. But lately, I've wanted a dramatic change in my life. A big push forward in my career. More meaning in the work that I do. And it was time to make a drastic change. Not a little change, not a safe change, but a big change - at least in my hairstyle, to reflect the change I want in other parts of my life. 
So that's why I did it. And maybe the universe will notice me nudging it for change.

Thank you for visiting.
And a special thank you for the other hair dressers and the patrons at the salon who were kind enough to take our pictures, and cheer us on when the ponytail was being cut.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tee + White Pants: Inspired by Blomquist

A simple T-shirt and White Wide Leg Pants. 
As much this post is about reinterpreting the inspiration look, it also about this awesome T-shirt that Chris got for me a few days ago. Bonus points to the person who can guess what TV show this shirt relates to. Hint: The owls are not what they seem. Double Hint: go here.


 T-shirt: Gift from Chris || White Pants: Tristan & America || Zebra Flats: Old Navy || Bracelets: Tristan & America and gift from Nazia || Earrings: store in Little India ||

By the way, for those of you interested: The battle with the wifi continues. I've shed a lot of tears. The modem has laughed in my face. But the war isn't over. Stay tuned.
Thanks for visiting.
~ Photos by Chris ~

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Starry Night and Van Gogh

Chris and I have probably passed this mural at least a few dozen times. Admiring it as we stop in to our local library and before I make my way to work in the mornings.  I knew the mural was a re-imagining of the impressionist painting The Starry Night, but for some reason I was convinced that that painting was a Monet. However, as illustrated in this mural, and as pointed out by one of you guys, The Starry Night was painted by Van Gogh.

Polka Dot Top: Wardrobe Sale at work || Black Skirt: H&M || Striped Blazer: Old Navy, thrifted || Shoes: Zellers || Bracelet: Pakistan, from mom || Pearl Earrings: Purple Jade || Necklace: Buddha from sister, Silver Clogs from mom

In other, less artistically inspiring news, I am in war to the death with the wifi connection in my apartment. It has been acting in going in not working. I smiled and tolerated this foolishness for a day or two. Then on Monday night, enough was enough and I had to fix it - which meant I spent more than THREE HOURS on the phone with tech support and customer service people who did not support me technically nor did I get serviced as a customer. So I head back home tonight to do another battle with my wifi - we'll see who will laugh last. Wish me luck. 

Thank you for visiting.
~ Photos by Chris ~

Tuesday, August 21, 2012



This week I was introduced to a UK-based retail website which spoke to my style esthetically - ethnic prints, colourful fabrics, statement pieces; and, to my concerns politically. They source products from all over the world, and from designers big and small. Their focus is not only fashion that is good to the environment but that the manufacturers making the clothes are good and fair to their employees.
"FASHION-CONSCIENCE.COM Ltd is a UK-based registered company formed in 2007 with the sole intention of sourcing ethical clothing for stylish women with a conscience, a site which is genuinely fashion forward. We also feel passionately about tackling the issues of textile landfill in the UK. With 1 million tonnes of textiles ending up in landfill every year, it is hugely important to reduce this waste in our own country. We strongly believe that while ethical fashion should never be throwaway, it can be just as brilliantly designed, made and fashion forward as other lines. FASHION-CONSCIENCE.COM is officially the most stylish way to save the planet and ensure rights for workers."

I've pinned all these images on Products I Love on Pinterest if you want to find a direct link to the items.
Thank you for visiting!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Treats From PEI

Here are some of the fun things I picked up while on Prince Edward Island. By the way, I've learnt it is customary to say on PEI, rather than in PEI. Don't ask, I just do as the Islanders tell me. Anyway, let's talk about this beautiful little bull hand-made out of a single piece of leather. He was created by Paige Harris of Harris Leatherworks. We came across her stall at the Charlottetown Farmers' Market, and it turns out she is a friend of our friend Catherine, so of course that made the transaction all the sweeter.

I think Paige was a little scared by my crazy face. Nevertheless, check out Paige's work at  

I'm not a knitter, however these handy little knitting kits were too sweet to resist. And if I follow the directions correctly, these balls of wool should turn into two cute sheep, like the ones pictured below. If I do it right, I'll post the pictures of the finished product on the blog. If I don't, there will be a post called Silence of the Lambs, accompanied by my tear-stained face.

Our friend Catherine was kind enough to take us outside of town to the The Great Canadian Soap Co., where they make a variety of products out of goat's milk. I picked up Rose and Water Lily scented soaps and a Raspberry Lip Balm.  Also I'd like to point out that our rug was hand-made in Iran by goat herders, and that image in the corner of the rug is a goat. Keeps things on theme.
To see a list of products, check out:

Last but definitely not least: the organizers of the Palmer Conference at the University of PEI were kind enough to give these beautiful clay mugs to all of presenters, speakers and moderators. They were made specifically for the conference by local PEI artist Michael Stanley. Thank you so much for this lovely gift guys, I'll treasure it. You can see more of Michael's creations here:

While there was nothing purchased here, no object to hold and possess, the short time spent on Brackley Beach was most definitely my favourite treat in PEI.

Thanks for visiting.
~ (Good) photos by Chris. ~
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