Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lessons for politicians from Riverdale Farm


A few days ago, Chris, my sister Nazia and I went to one of our favourite places on this planet, the beautiful Riverdale Farm. The farm has featured on the blog before here and here.

This is an "action" shot of me telling Chris exactly what I think every politician in this country needs to do ... you can read more about my career lessons below.

A neon yellow caterpillar, totally on trend.

Black Blouse: Pink Peony || Floral Pants: Primark from Amsterdam, gift from mom || Necklace: Jacob || Wedge Heels from Bata || Hoop Earrings: Saskatoon.

Ok if I could reorganize the political process (please refer to the "action" shot above) - politicians would be elected for much longer terms. Let's say 8 years. 
At least 2 of those years would be spent working in other forms of public service.  
6 months working as a nurse.
6 months as a police officer.
6 months as a teacher at a gradeschool or highschool.
6 months at a zoo or a farm, like the beautiful Riverdale farm. 

This is REAL work. Hard work. We've got lots of academics and lawyers and businessmen, who I also respect, running for political office. But these kinds of jobs, where it's so physical, and demanding, and meaningful, I think would give our elected officials an appreciation and a broader perspective on what we are all trying to do together.
What do you guys think? 

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~ Photos by the always hard working Chris ~


  1. I think it is a sensible idea, of course politicians would never do it, but hey we can dream. I love this photos, they are uplifting!

  2. That is a brilliant idea. Many politicians are way to disconnected from the life of most people.
    The caterpillar comment is hilarious, btw.

  3. Definitely a great idea. They would relate much better to the average working person.

  4. LOVE these ideas -- i also think there should be a period of transition, say where the outgoing president and the elected president work in tandum.

  5. great photos! soo cute!

    love from San Francisco,

  6. I love Riverdale farm and when they were threatening to close it I was outraged. I would rather have to pay a nominal fee if that would keep it open! So glad that they are working things out.

    As for politicians, I would be afraid to give them such lengthy terms as it is harder to keep them accountable when they only get elected every almost decade.

    Still I like the idea of job sharing, especially if you are like the Minister of Health you should be spending time working in the area that you are governing so you can better represent that area.

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