Friday, August 10, 2012

Globe and Mail: These Olympics Are A Giant Leap For Women Everywhere

"We can’t help but be moved by the inspiring and at times heartbreaking stories of young women at the Games. From the track to the pool to the soccer pitch, young women are making us proud."

I wrote a piece for the Globe and Mail, about women at the Olympics. You can read the whole piece here

 "When the two female athletes from Saudi Arabia entered the Olympic stadium, a Twitter user referred to them as the “prostitutes of the Olympics.” Wojdan Shaherkani went to compete in judo. There were lengthy negotiations about modifying her hijab, which her country insisted she wear, and the IOC relented. Even then the naysayers and the hardliners weren’t happy. She was accused of being dishonourable because she fought in front of men. Saudi television did not broadcast her fight. And while she may have lost her first match, her loss was a victory for a much greater fight."

Please read the piece and let me know what you think of the piece. Differing opinions are welcome but not cruelty or rudeness.
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  1. Thanks for putting the link to your article on your blog. I didn't know that finally every country has a female participant, such good news. Shameful that somebody would comment on hair, but there are lots of strange people out there. Women are the ones that have the power to change things,mand it is fantastic to watch them do it!

  2. Gabby is just the best ever :) The girl rocks!


  3. Congrats on getting that piece published! Sorry about all the snotty comments people were leaving on the article - people can be so mean online. I thought it was an interesting article, and it always makes me proud to hear about women from Middle Eastern countries following their dreams.

  4. Gabby is amazing.

  5. I agree that it is a first step, as you said in the article, but not that there has been a giant leap for all women, unfortunately.

    I really enjoy your blog and the mix of content that you post.

  6. Very insightful piece Natasha. It's a shame that women who reach the pinnacle of physical and mental accomplishment in their respective sports still face discrimination because of their sex (and race). We have come along way, but there is still work to be done for true equality to become a reality.


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