Friday, July 13, 2012

Toronto Life Magazine: Art and Autism

 Hello friends, for those of you in the Greater Toronto Area, I'd like to invite you to pick up a copy of the August issue of Toronto Life Magazine. On the back page, which is dedicated to personal memoirs, you'll find my piece Art and Autism: Lessons from my sister. I hope you'll read it, enjoy it, and share it with others.

"Maybe it’s the total absence of ego that allows her to take great pictures. Maybe it’s that she’s not trying to prove anything. Or maybe she just doesn’t care. When I ask her “what are you trying to achieve with the pictures?” she says, “to make you happy” or “to give you what you want.” It’s sweet, but I want so much more than this. I want something to click in my sister’s head and in her heart that makes her want to communicate something. When I ask her where she wants to take pictures, or how she’d like me to pose, I’m usually greeted with silence. Still, I keep pushing, hoping that our joint project will unlock that secret space inside Nazia’s brain that allows for expression and joy and, eventually, more meaningful connections with me and the other people in her life."

Thanks so much for visiting everyone, and wishing you a wonderful weekend.


  1. Nice!!!

  2. Wish I was in Toronto.Hats off to your sister,she is doing amazing job.

  3. I absolutely will!! I've really enjoyed my first two days here! Maybe I'll run into you!

  4. this is so great! Can't wait to read it.


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