Monday, July 23, 2012

It's Good To Be The Judge

 Striped T-shirt: Joe Fresh || Navy Skirt: H&M || White Shoes: Zellers || Sunglasses: Forever 21 || Bracelet: Mexico City street vendor || Gold Necklace: Previously loved by mom 

Hi wonderful people, I hope you had a great weekend. The highlight of mine was my aunt Rehana hosting a biryani-a-thon at her home. Biryani is a South Asian dish of rice, potatoes, with a meats of your choice, or vegetables of your choice, spices, served with yogurt, and it's a favourite in my family. So Rehana Khala (which is Urdu for 'mother's sister') hosted our large extended family. 

We had four entries - my mom actually made two biryanis, but since all the other entries were vegetarain, her chicken version was not permitted to be a part of the competition. Those family members who did not/cannot cook (ahem...yours truly) were the judges for a blind taste test. My mom got the first place with her spectacular vegetarian entry. But my cousins and their boyfriends all did great jobs too. Congratulations to all the participants, but I think we all know the REAL winners were the judges who got to eat to their heart's content and had to contribute little to nothing to the buffet. It's good to be the judge.

Judgy-wudgy was a bear.
Thank you for visiting.
~ Photos by Nazia ~


  1. love the 3rd photo! it really blends with the background! love your outfit! :)

  2. Amaazing blog and I really love it.

    Very nice photos :))

    ~~follow each other?

  3. Such a classic and chic outfit!! Adore this look :)

    Take care, Daniella xox

  4. a very cute look:) i love the combination of this striped shirt and this skrit:)

    lots of love xx

  5. Mmmm, my kind of contest. Everyone is a winner with great food. Super cute striped too.


  6. Hi Natasha, this is Natasa!

    Really like your blog & looks, wanna see more!

    xx Natasa

  7. I´d love to be one of the judges too if it´s about food. ;) You´re stripes blouse is so pretty!

  8. I just found your blog and I love it! Following you :) I love this outfit, especially the stripes!

  9. your top is super cute, I love the stripes


  10. Sounds delicious!!! I'm loving the diversity of Toronto in their food. I can't wait to try ALL the food! (ha like THAT'S possible!)

  11. Love this top!!

    Stacie and Carly

  12. love your shirt.

  13. me encanta tu look
    feliz comienzo de semana desde

  14. The outfit is amazing:) Love your blog:)

  15. Cute outfit!

  16. Hi Natasha, love the top, it looks nice and slouchy with a fitted skirt, you always look lovely in your pictures. Sorry I haven't been around to comment often.

  17. YUM! Sounds fun! Love the stripes!

  18. I love stripes!!! Fab look!

    check us out at

  19. Cute nautical look! Love stripes :) And I think I really want to be a judge in a food competition haha. Hope you had a nice weekend :)


  20. LOVE this look...totally something I would wear. And it does sound as though being a judge in this food competition would be a sweet gig. :)

    BTW, that last photo totally brought a smile to my face. So cute!
    XO - Marion


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