Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Tribute to Mehdi Hassan

Dress worn as skirt from Winners || Black Blouse from Pink Peony || Tristan & America Belt || Urban Outfitters Shoes || Earrings from Rwanda were a gift from Rebecca || Bracelets from Suzy Shier 

Have you guys heard of Mehdi Hassan? He was one of the greatest singers in South Asia, and he passed away yesterday. This is a script I wrote about him for the show I work on:

There are many things that bridge the gap the between Pakistan and India, but few are as melodious as the voice of classical singer Mehdi Hassan. He was known as the "king of the ghazal" -- a traditional form of Urdu song and poetry.
Today, the legendary singer died in Karachi, at the age of eighty-four.
Over the span of his fifty-year career, it is believed that his repertoire consisted of more than twenty thousand songs that were enjoyed in every corner of India and Pakistan, and in the diaspora all over the world. He also sang in Bengali, Punjabi and Pashto making the music accessible to an even greater audience.
He was born in the town of Luna in India in 1927, but like millions in India during the time of Partition in 1947, his Muslim family decided to leave their home and start a new life in a country called Pakistan. For years he worked as a bike and auto mechanic, trying to get his musical career off the ground. He got permission from major contemporary Pakistani poets to set their words to music, and then, in 1957, he got his big break, with his first singing performance on Radio Pakistan.
He began travelling throughout the sub-continent, bridging a fractious relationship between the neighbouring countries. And then came the movies: Mr. Hassan lent his voice and music to dozens of Pakistani movies, sparking what would become a loyal international following for decades to come.
Messages of affection and sadness have been pouring in. South Asian actors, singers, politicians and dignitaries have been making public statements about the loss of the great singer.
The Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Gilani said Mr. Hassan was "an icon who mesmerized music lovers". And India's most famous actor, Shah Rukh Khan, tweeted: "Memories of my mom cooking in a grimy kitchen as it rained outside, while Mehdi Hassan floats out of a radio."
Meanwhile, when the news of his death was heard, fans gathered outside his home to mourn.
The Press Trust of India news agency described Mehdi Hassan's death as the end of an era. Quote: "The demise of the India-born Pakistani ghazal maestro was a huge loss to the world of music, and left a void that can never be filled."

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  1. so cute...

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  5. The outfit is great!

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  7. That is such a beautiful skirt (dress, love how you wore it as a skirt!) great colours
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  9. gorg skirt! love how you styled it.
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  10. Yes he was legend of Gazals.
    World will miss him including me.
    Paul Sahota

  11. Hi story is fascinating, it sounds like a bridge between people and cultures has been lost with his death. Thanks for posting about him.

  12. Great outfit! Lovely skirt!

  13. I was going to say what a cute skirt but it's a dress...! Great way to get more out of it :) You look fab!

  14. I don't know her but she looks like an interesting person! And I love your outfit, it's amazing that you turned a dress into a skirt - at first I didn't notice so I guess that's good? :p
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  18. I always admire when I see you turn a dress into a skirt effortlessly...I unfortunately don't possess that talent lol

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  21. This is a very thoughtful tribute. He will be greatly missed.

  22. You're so beautiful! Excellent shape, beautiful eyes and hair! I really like this skirt and still like a wall! I propose to follow each other.) I would be very happy friendship!)))


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