Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jumper + Blazer: Inspired by The Sartorialist

                   Source: thesartorialist.com via Natasha on Pinterest

Some of you may remember this photograph from The Sartorialist that I originally included in this post several days ago. I liked it so much that I was inspired to put together this look-a-like outfit with (yet another) gift from my mom from her trip to Amsterdam. I haven't bought a romper...ever, so I was surprised she got this for me. Truthfully, I think she thought it was a long top, but I really like it so I pushed my sartorial comfort zone and wore it. What do you think?

Primark Romper gift from mom from Amsterdam || Alfred Sung Blazer from Zellers || Canvas Shoes from Arden || Earrings from Blanco in Lisbon, Portugal || Sunglasses from Forever 21|| Bracelet from mom

Forgive this last shot - there's a lot of "firsts in a long time/ever" going on here. First romper ever. Long time since I've worn sneakers/canvas shoes, so there was a lot of adjusting to shoe laces. I kept tucking the laces into the shoes...but is that a thing? Do people do that? I feel like if I leave the laces tied and out, they look like two floppy ears on my feet. Surely that's not a good look? 
What does the Emily Post etiquette guide say about laces? 

And while we're talking good etiquette, I would like to bring up a grievance: I live in a condominium with over 400 units. A lot of young, successful people living there. Every single day I see so much furniture, and perfectly useful clothes, household appliances, electronics thrown into our garbage room. I find this so indefensible. Just a few blocks away are some of Toronto's biggest social housing units. Six blocks away there is a Salvation Army. Why don't the young, successful people donate their stuff, instead of just throwing it out? There are so many families that could use somebody else's gently used things, it's real shame to see that stuff thrown out. I wish that as a community, we would donate rather than trash.

Let me know what you guys think. Thanks so much for stopping by today.
~ Photos by Nazia ~


  1. What a great outfit... I was out and about today on the hunt for a great romper but I came home empty handed. Wish I could have found something like this. Way fab!
    When my son learned in school the 3 R's : ReUse, ReDuce, ReCycle! our household has adhered to these for some time now! It's a great thing!

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    XOXO Dana

  2. Really nice! I actually think I like your outfit even better than 'the original'. I totally agree with you on the recycling thing. Maybe you can set up a seperate section in the garbage room where people can place things that are still of use and donate them to the salvation army. Maybe the people from SA would even be prepared to pick them up themselves once a month or so. I think it would be rather easily possible to set something up like that! Good luck!

  3. Very cool, I actually really like your version, and I have the same issue with tennies as well ;)


  4. Love this inspired look!!! Casual chic perfection and i adore these photos :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  5. It's heartbreaking to hear that your neighbors are more environmentally conscious...hearing these drives me to shop second hand and swap more often.

    On another note, your romper and blazer look great together.

  6. perfectly put together outfit, ur smile makes it even better! :)


  7. This is so cute on you! Love the fun print, and love the shoes you chose to pair it with!

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  9. I have a few things to share:
    1. Love the romper! I want one but I'm so tall and have a..rather large backside that I think it'd look weird on me....
    2. I have a lot of canvas shoes, I wear them to work a lot. I tried tucking in the laces for a while but they always fell out and sometimes it was uncomfortable so I just tied them properly. At first I thought they looked weird but now I'm used to it :)
    3. I live in New Haven, a town where Yale students mix with some of the most poor communities in the American nation and around June, the townies call it Yale Christmas. It's when all the rich Yale kids have to move back to New York or where ever and literally throw out e v e r y t h i n g they have. I've seen new shoes, X Boxes, couches, TV's and like NICE things. Donate much?? It irritates me too but the homeless people seem to love it!!!


  10. Love to see a blogger take inspiration from a streetstyle photo and make it their own! You look great! :)



  11. Love that romper. I'm always afraid I can never pull it off, but you clearly have! :)

  12. your jumpsuit is so cute and I love your matching with blazer.
    a good inspiration :)


  13. This romper is too cute! It really makes me want to go out and find a cute one, but I haven't been able to yet! Looks great paired with those white fashion sneakres. I think you're okay to do whatever you want with your laces. ;) Hahaha, that made me laugh--"Is that a thing?!"

  14. Love the polka dot romper! I agree people should donate stuff! Such a waste! I do it about 2x a year and it's such an simple way to give back and costs nothing!

  15. love the skirt with the tennis shoes! super cute sporty yet girly look! BE SURE TO ENTER OUR KAI FRAGRANCE GIVEAWAY!
    The Golden Girls SPA GIVEAWAY

  16. You make me laugh :) Really cute post. I have no idea what you are supposed to do with the laces on those shoes.

    A Little Bit

  17. The romper is cool ! And I love the first photo that's inspires you :)

  18. I love your inspired look. Looks really great on you.
    Love J.

  19. Love the romper! Would seriously consider getting one - if I didn't have a body that demanded that I go pee ever half an hours! ;)

  20. Great outfit!! it' a great idea to make this kind of posts! :)

  21. Leave the furniture there, in the garbage!!!! Just a note about donating furniture...since Toronto is in the Top 5 north american cities for largest bedbug infestations, many shelters don't want soft donations/wood donations. Tables, couches, etc. (anything that cannot be thrown into the washing machine). And since bedbugs know no socio-economic levels, they will infest any and all, rich or poor. The furniture could be there because of laziness, but it could also be there because they have bedbugs. Don't touch!

  22. This jumper is totally cute! xx

  23. I understand the argument about the bedbugs, but if the building hasn't been infested with them there is no reason not to try and donate at least some of the stuff. It may be helpful to call the salvation army and see if they do pick-ups, or if they could set a truck there one day a week for a few hours. Some of the thrift stores around here do it and it works out great.
    It may even be worth it to organize a community yard sale. Then, at least, people could get some nice furniture and things for a discounted price and not too much would be going to waste...

  24. That romper is super cute. And I like it with the blazer.

  25. You look amazing! That would be also out of my comfort zone but it looks great on you :)

  26. loving it!! especially paired with casual sneakers. so perfect!

  27. Kinda surprised your family is ok with the romper...specially being from such a conservative country.

    1. Why would that matter? She's a strong, independent woman and she can wear what she wants! She looks very classy and put-together. I'd like to think her family judges her based on her character and not on her clothing.

  28. Ao seguir os dois, digo, ficou 100% maravilhosa as fotos, demais

  29. Looks great! The jacket makes the romper look super chic!

  30. I like the idea of "inspired by sartorialist"

    Beautiful outfit!! (where's the bike???)

    take care
    Consultant Style Advisor

  31. GENIUS!! I never thought to pair my jumper with my blazer. I'll be sure to try it out now, yay for new old outfits!

    Cathy Trails

  32. Love that you recreated a look from the Sartorialist! I love the romper with the cute sneakers and blazer. Very casual yet chic :)

    Xo Chelle

  33. I like how you paired tennis shoes with this but you can flip your look with heels if you wanted! great job!

  34. Very cute outfit! I live in a condo and in one of our common areas (separate room from the garbage area) we have collection boxes for clothing donations and electronics recycling. I think your board just has to arrange with a company to pick up or someone has to volunteer to drop off.

  35. you've nailed it again! love the cuteprint!
    Chic on the Cheap

  36. Hi, I just want to invite you to join the RIRE giveaway on my blog

    Nice outfit BTW. I love it!

  37. Realy great style, your pictures are so beautiful and you're so cute ;P ♥
    (http://kitkatkorpan.over-blog.com) ^^

  38. definitely a sartorialist worthy outfit and shot :) i love the way rompers look but they really are a pain when you wear things on top of them haha

    and you are so right about donating...i hate seeing good things go to waste. it's so devastating just cuz i know other people could make good use of it


  39. When we used to live in the condo a lot of people did the same thing. Lots of large things "thrown away" in the garbage room. We LOVED IT. It was such a treasure trove of great stuff to recycle. And we so weren't the only ones recycling in our building. The building did have a clothing bin for old clothes to donate and they told us that couches etc were left there for a week or 2 but then a call went out to a charity before they were thrown away. I would definitely ask because maybe something is in place already, if not it is a great opportunity to give back.

    AND your outfit is smashing as always!


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