Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stripes + Glitter: Inspired by Queen's Wardrobe

 I'm having a lot of fun with doing these reinterpretation outfits. You might remember that I posted this inspiration outfit last week on a post about Breton Stripes. I love this look, and was originally posted on Queen's Wardrobe. It's lovely, but I've worn this skirt with a navy blazer before, and since we're enjoying such great weather, wanted to lighten up the colour palette. This is my take on stripes + glitter, let me know what you think.

Joe Fresh T-shirt || White Blazer from Urban Outfitters || Glitter Skirt Tucker for Target thrifted in New York City || Shoes from Zellers || Bracelet from Dollar Store || Pearl Earrings from Purple Jade

More inspiration outfits here and here.

Also, I'm totally up to date with 'Girls' on HBO, and I watched episode 6 last night. The more I watch this show, the more I like it and the more I admire Lena Dunham. It's not my style, but man, that girl is fearless and puts everything right out there. In this last episode, Hannah's father hurts himself and she has to help get him in bed - did I mention he was naked? Yeah, this is normally the stuff of nightmares - a full grown daughter seeing her father nude. But she handled that scene thoughtfully and realistically. Of all the great moments in that episode, that one jumped out because when my dad was sick and in the hospital, I also had to help him in moments of vulnerability - and my uptight apprehensions about nudity, about my father, and being embarrassed in general just went out the door. It's not a big deal, it's not a pivotal moment, it's just the reality of life. And 'Girls' handles those real moments so well.

Thanks for stopping by guys!
~ Photos by Dagna ~


  1. Lovely <3 !


  2. This look has been styled perfectly!!! Love this look sooo much. The combination of colours,stripes and textures is truly very stunning and super chic! :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  3. I think it looks great for a combination, and your outfit looks wonderful on you!

    I haven't heard a lot about Girls yet, but I did order the stuff from HBO thinking I was going to watch the premier but didn't get to, but I will finally start watching it. :)

    Amour, Stephanie

  4. So nice this white blazer! I love it!

    Wonderful inspirations!



  5. Love the red and white stripes gives a lovely Parisian feel! I am addicted to Girls it is so raw and honest.

  6. I'm loving this look! I've heard of GIRLS and I think I need to download it today to watch while I'm working.

    PS I'm writing a "What I'm Reading" post right now and I've mentioned you!

  7. great look! i haven't caught up on GIRLS yet but my sister is hook too! xo we just found you blog and follow you, we would love for you to stop by and check us out xo www.lotusblossomdesign.blogspot.com

  8. love the stripes, esp in red!


  9. Nice look!! love it!


  10. Very beautiful look! I love the stripes with this- so chic!

  11. Great re-creation! LOVE!



  12. I wish I had a glittery skirt so that I could recreate this look. You look great, love the outfit!

    Little Petite

  13. great skirt! it looks textured in the shots. very cool.

  14. Super cute!

    xo Jennifer


  15. Any look with stripes is great in my book :)

  16. gorgeous outfit! the skirt totally rocks and your lip color is way fab! xoxo linds {{ www.rubygirlblog.com }}

  17. i love your version - the glimmering pencil skirt is a stunner!
    Chic on the Cheap

  18. You look amazing Natasha. stripes really suit you.

    xx ketty xx


  19. i've been loving girls! last week's episode where she ends up... "assisting" adam really took the cake for me :P x

  20. I love this outfit, so gorgeous.

    I also ADORE 'Girls'. It is my favourite TV show in a long time. I love it as much as I love New Girl, SATC and Entourage. It is possibly one of the best-written shows about women in their twenties, ever. It's honesty and awkwardness is something to behold. I also love that the main protagonist has my name and is more awkward than me!

  21. I love your inspiration posts! Your striped top, jacket and skirt look fab together. It will be months before I watch Girls since I can't bring myself to pay for HBO, but I'll definitely keep your commentary on the show in mind when I watch it on Netflix.

  22. Love this take off the inspiration!


  23. Hi, just a heads up: the girl you feature as inspiration is Priscila Betancort, from the Canary Islands in Spain. Although her outfit appears in Queen's Wardrobe, the styling is her own and was originally posted on her own blog:


    It's a great blog, I'm sure you will enjoy it if you don't know it yet.

    Best wishes,



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