Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mom, I Freaking Love You...

Happy Mother's Day, to all the great moms out there, especially mine!
Here are few moments in Nargis Tapal's life.
The picture above is from her wedding day and the one below is from my wedding day.

My mom and her parents in Pakistan.

Teenage Dream.

Me and moms.

Mom and Dad in the Saudi mountain side.

The day my little sister was born. I was not excited about sharing my mom with her. I mean, we had a good thing going Mom, Dad and I. Who was this little person joining our crew? I remember thinking she couldn't be ours because she was so pink (photographic evidence provided) and we're brown. 

My parents together at my dad's launch party for his first book. After completing each chapter, my father would give it to my mom to review, before he'd send it to the editor. This is what you call team work.

There are so many special mom's in my life - my mother-in-law Gerry; my aunts Rehana, Nafisa, Fauzia, Shireen and more. My girlfriends who are now moms Geeta, Yasmin, Angela, Amee, and the rest of the incredible women I admire. Without you moms, us kids (even us big kids) wouldn't have a clue. 
Thanks for leading the way.


  1. Your mother looks so beautiful! Hope she will have perfect day today! ♥

    Would you like to follow each other on Blogger and/or Bloglovin and Facebook? :)



  2. OMG Natasha! Your mom is so beautiful and cool! Wishing her a great day! xxxx Tamu

  3. Very interesting life's journey! Gorgeous picture of you mother on her wedding day!

  4. The 1st picture is so nostalgic. I have seen my mom's Indian wedding pictures also, and they are gorgeous.

  5. Love this post - your mom looks beautiful in all the pictures :) Thanks for your comment on my new post and for voting for me - really appreciate it :)

  6. wow, thanks for sharing! the first picture is sooooo beautiful. your mum still looks so good today ...

  7. this is so sweet and beautiful post, full of love!!!

  8. What a beautiful post! You're mom is such a gorgeous woman and she seems really sweet and warm as well. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Natasha..what a beautiful tribute you put together for your lovely mom. Thank you so very much for sharing all those beautiful pictures and mementos with us. You are one hell of a fantabulous daughter!!!!

  10. Hi Natasha!

    I just found your blog through Nany's Closet...This post is one of the most beautiful ones I've seen in dedication to all the wonderful mothers out there and specially yours.

    This post really made me smile. You are blessed with a beautiful mom ♥

    Loving your blog so far...


  11. Hi Natasha,
    De-lurking to say that this is a great post. Thank you for so generously sharing so much of your life with your readers! You have a gorgeous family.
    Anthro Blogger

  12. Your family is beautiful. I love looking through old family photographs, too, so this post was perfect!

  13. This was a really sweet post & I enjoyed reading it.
    It made me smile.
    I especially like the picture of your mom & dad on the mountainside.
    The Fashionable ESQ

  14. Wow so beautiful! I got chills! I'm a sucker for old photos - your mother has always been beautiful!

  15. this is so touching and lovely, I'm tearing up a bit <3


  16. Thanx for sharing Natasha sincerely <3

  17. your mom look lovely, confident and strong woman. really admire all pictures.


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