Sunday, May 27, 2012

Inspiration for the week: Black + White

It's summer time. The time for florals, brights, neons, the time to bust out your technicolour dream coat. But looking around as some of my favourite blogs, I can't help but notice that many lovely ladies are sticking to the classic, elegant combination of Black and White.
So here are some looks to keep us inspired for the week for come!

Images Sources: Style Lovely; Another Day to Dress Up; Pink Peonies; Cheetah Is The New Black; The Sartorialist. I've pinned all these images on my Pinterest Board "Style I Love"

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  1. Black and white is always so easy, chic and cool no matter the combination....and you can always throw in a bit of neon for a bit of POP!


  2. Love black and white!The third combination is the best <3

  3. I love black and white combo!!! always perfect...

    Hope you'll visit me, i will be really grateful :)
    Have a nice day, Elena

  4. cant go wrong with black & white ever.

  5. Great post! if you want we can follow each others!

  6. black&white this is what I really love <3
    - A.

  7. wow- what a great inspiration. i'm so in love with black/white looks.
    if i don't know what to wear, i also choose black/white looks! it's the
    best way to be stylish and classy.
    kisses to you and a great sunday. enjoy it!
    maren anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  8. i like it

  9. i love the simplicity and chicness of black and white x

  10. I love black & white paired together - all of these outfits are such beautiful inspiration!! Hope your weekend is lovely!! xo veronika

  11. Hey, Natasha!
    Indeed, those are inspiring looks!! Nice picking! Specially the first one, that's exactly my kind of style!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Remember I'm following you, and I'll be thrilled if you follow me back via GFC, too!
    María José Barcat

  12. Love this post - my blog is all about classic style and this is TOTALLY it. Found you through apairandaspare - you totes have a new follower. Lots of love from the UK! xx

    South Molton St Style

  13. I'll always been a fan of black and white. All these ladies have great style! Love it. Hope you're enjoying the weekend, dear.

    xx Love & Aloha

  14. Awh great inspirations! Black and white combos are my faves x

  15. Love black and white combos! It almost never goes wrong!

    Wardrobe and Mirror

    Find us on Facebook

  16. Very nice outfits, very inspiring looks!

  17. We completely agree with you on this black and white combo! Although we love bright colors, neons and pastels, something about simple black and white outfits are classic.

    Cant wait too see what else you will be posting!
    your followers

    Carly and Stacie

  18. thank you for visiting&commenting on my blog. & i love this post, since i am always hesitant to wear just black and white these images are great style inspirations.

  19. Very inspiring, all of them. Black and white are always so chic. Love it.

  20. Absolutely love all of those looks!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  21. strangely enough, its the shoes in these pictures that are really standing out for me. I've wanted a simple black strappy pair of shoes for so long, and those brown boots are killing it. & I don't even like flats, but that last picture makes me thing i really DO need a pair of plain black flats lying around ;)

  22. Such cute photos of fashion in the park!


  23. i've always been a fan of patterns, prints and all of that.. there used to be times when i didn't even want to buy a tshirt that didn't have anything printed on it, because it was "too boring" to me...
    thank god tastes change :DDDDD now i'm all about the simpler, the better ^^ and have come to love this trend a lot! :))

    with love,
    veronika from entertainment-scrapbook


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