Wednesday, May 16, 2012

IFB Challenge 47: May Flowers


Once again the wonderful people at Independent Fashion Bloggers issued a challenge - this time to show our love for stylish florals. And I'm happy to say that these photographs taken by the talented Marcin Moka made the Top 10 List.
Make sure to visit the site and check out the flora loving bloggers here.


  1. Love this pictures!I will visit, love they style!Is amazing, love the outfitts!

  2. I absolutely love florals right now, especially on jacket and trousers!

  3. I love flowers in this period...also for men!!!
    take a look if you want!! My outfits and my directives!

  4. Oh so cool! That's my favourite outfit of you! You deservedly made it to the top 10.
    May I ask, how do these IFB challenges work? Could I also enter? Or should you be part of some sort of community, or should they know you themselves? I would like to participate, because I love dressing for certain themes :)

  5. I like your blog, I like your style, everything is fine!
    If you like my blog, we can follow each other)))

  6. I'm wearing my floral pants right now... I'll definitely go check it out!

    xo Jennifer

  7. I need to get some floral pants!! I see them everywhere and they are soo adorable!

    <3 Denise

  8. I'm so obsessed with floral pants, well anything floral actually. These ladies look stunning. Great inspiration.

  9. I love florals - especially those first pair of trousers! <3 Gorgeous!

    Lost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog

    1. Hi Jo! That first person is me :) from - the trousers are from Topshop & and you may recognise them as the ones Olivia Palermo wore! Glad you like them :)

  10. Enter my giveaway on Bay's Style Diary!!!

  11. Wooo, I love that navy dress! I didn't (usually don't watch TVs..) watch the show either but pursuing dream at age 38 is pretty impressive.. I know I probably won't do it and just go on with my life, saying "just because I'm 38..." but yeah, I do respect her too! Great works!

  12. I love floral but sometimes it's a bit too girlie for me. my challenge is finding a print that isn't too girly!

  13. Hi Natasha! Thanks for featuring this :) I am the first girl in the photo (from - loving your blog! x


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