Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Grey Wall + Chernobyl Diaries

Do these pink sunglasses look familiar? They were previously loved by my cousin Umbreen, and I showed our sunglasses shopping expedition here.  She decided to donate them to me since I broke my blue ones. Gotta love generous family members. 

Dress and Shoes from Urban Outfitters || Grey Blazer from Suzy Shier || Earrings from mom || Necklace from || Sunglasses from Umbreen || Bracelet from Primark in Amsterdam

Last night Chris and I went to see the scary movie 'Chernobyl Diaries' and it was great. The premise is that a group of 'adventure tourists' go on tour-gone-horribly-wrong trip to Chernobyl, the site of a massive nuclear disaster. Trapped, without food or supplies, being hunted down by savage dogs, sharp-toothed fish, and faceless nuclear zombies, they must figure out a way. But do they? (Insert suspense music here.) 

The movie has received some pretty harsh reviews, mostly for being predictable, and more seriously for being insensitive to those who died or were injured during the Chernobyl disaster. I noticed that like a lot of movies in this genre, it has that classic fairy tale, 'Red Riding Hood', stay-on-the-right-path morality. But if you can suspend those criticisms for one minute (well, for one hour and 30 minutes), and go in just looking forward to being scared I think you'll enjoy the movie. 

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~ Photos by Nazia ~


  1. Pretty Outfit!


  2. Amazing dress! So nice this color!


  3. Love the sunnies!


  4. Love your styling here! The dress is really beautiful.

    On your 'Chernobyl Diaries' review, I haven't seen, but I think it is important that Chernobyl remains in the forefront of our psyche,in all permeations. I would like to recommend an amazing film to you that maybe hard to find, but you are a media gal, so who knows...

    'Alexei and the Spring', Japanese produced documentary shot in the red zone post-Chernobyl. An enchanting biographical look at a community that refuses to leave their traditional rural life, and the young man 'Alexei'helps the elders retain their identity while at the same time living in what is deemed a very dangerous region. That is is made by a top-knotch Japanese doc crew is self-evident, the tone of the piece is beautiful.

    It was screened at the David Suzuki Film Festival 'Planet In Focus' about 10 years ago. Hope you see it!

  5. beautiful dress!
    looks good ..xx

  6. Such a pretty dress! And you have gorgeous hair.

  7. Very nice look!!! :)

    Kisses from Italy


  8. Those sunnies look great on you, dear. Kisses

  9. I love this look!! Your printed dress is gorgeous,super chic! :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  10. you look absolutely amazing! i think that red was fitting for the movie :) haha
    and on a scale from one to ten how scary would you say it is!? because it looks terrifying!

    tiana of l'esthetique

  11. love the glases on you!! and the print in the dress is stunning + the earrings are my favourite in the outfit!! :))
    haven't heard of the movie, but i'd love to see it too! but i'll probably be on the side of the critics, being from ukraine & my parents having lived through the tchernobyl catastrophe..

    with love,
    veronika from entertainment-scrapbook

  12. Love the dress and earrings!

    I have to side with the critics, it is just a tad bit insensitive considering the Ukrainians experienced a lot of hardships under the USSR (they were forced out of their homes, forced to work the land till it was depleted, forced to give up all the food they harvested so that they had nothing left to eat which led some to resort to cannibalism, there was a huge famine (holodomor) in the 1930s that the Soviets knew about but disregarded for a long while till it was too late, many were branded as Kulaks (this was a made up term to describe someone who was essentially a wealthy peasant with one extra cow or something ridiculous and was an enemy to the state) sent to concentration camps (Gulags)...) I can go on and on but after all that I can only imagine something like this only adds salt to their wounds.

    hope all is well,

  13. the best accessory here is your smile. yes, really, you have a very beautyful smile.
    and I like ballerinas too ;-)

    Love, Ylenia from Longuette

  14. Cute sunnies! Its color is my favorite <3
    Love your dress as well


  15. fantastic look! i love it!!!

    xoxo from rome

  16. Hi sweetie , as promise , following you via Blovin (129°) and also on GFC!
    Have a nice night!


  17. So lovely!!! I adored ur dress, this print and colors are so great!!!!


  18. I am laughing at my eight year old self for receiving so many generous hand-me-downs from family members. A blessing in disguise!

  19. I love the pattern on that dress and you look lovely in red!

  20. That dress looks great on you!

    xo Jennifer

  21. I want those sunglasses!!! X

  22. Hello beautiful!
    Such a lovely look!!! The pattern of the dress is super cool! Love your blog and follow you now:)


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