Saturday, May 26, 2012

Art Gallery of Ontario: Pablo Picasso


“I paint the way some people write an autobiography. The paintings, finished or not, are the pages from my diary.” —Pablo Picasso (1881–1973)

I'm pretty excited because right now at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) there's an exhibition of works by the great Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. He's my father's favourite artist, and there was always a large, bright blue covered, illustrated biography of Picasso's  life present in our living room when I was growing up. So today, I'm not posting an outfit, I thought today I'd share some of my favourite works by a great visionary.

"Girl Before Mirror" was one of many paintings that Picasso did of the beautiful Marie Therese Walter who was his muse and lover. They were together for 13 years.

This is another portrait of Walter in "Le Reve" (The Dream). My parents have a copy of this print and it's been in their home for almost 20 years.

A copy of the "Blue Nude" was in my aunt's home in Karachi, Pakistan. I remember it distinctly on the wall, at the end of a flight of stairs. 

Perhaps his most famous, or important, or meaningful work: The Guernica, depicting the suffering during The Spanish Civil War. Chris and I saw the actual painting in Madrid in 2009, at the Museo Reina Sofia. It was unbelievable. It's 25 feet wide, and about 11 feet high. It took up an entire room, and everyone in the room was in awe.  

If you're in Toronto between May and August, it might be worth a trip to the AGO to see some of Picasso's magic.
"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." 
~ Pablo Picasso ~


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  2. ahhh i would like to visit that art gallery now!

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  3. I ♥ the last quote: Also, seeing the work of an artist IRL always has a strong physical effect on me: as if the paint & energy from it speaks to me.
    La Guernica, wow, I once did a presentation on the Spanish Civil war: Dali has some intense representations too
    (oh, too many words but I adore art :D, I'm really glad that you can see it in Toronto soon)

  4. picaso is just an amazing artist

  5. I really like some of his painting they are funny and in away above is time

  6. hi Natasha! We just found your blog, and our really liking all your posts. Lovely blog you've got!
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  7. Guernica is one of my favourite paitings! Picasso was a true genious, everytime when I'm in a city where there is work from him I'm sure to visit. Lovely post!!


  8. Really strange pictures at some point, but also interesting.

  9. Oh I went and saw the show a couple of weeks ago. It is fantastic! So many pieces of his wonderful art.


  10. awesome paintings. i made an essay for a contest on that last photo. :)

    btw, I followed you.
    it would be nicer if you could follow back.
    Hey Miss!
    Hey Miss!
    Hey Miss!



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