Sunday, April 8, 2012

Primary: Red, Yellow and Blue Jeans

Happy Easter Peeps! Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend, and enjoying it with loved ones. 

Ok, I have a question for you guys, what do you think of Samantha Brick's article in the UK paper The Daily Mail titled "There are downsides to looking this pretty': Why women hate me for being beautiful."? If you didn't hear about this, several days ago Brick wrote a first person account on some of the pitfalls of being a beautiful woman, she stressed the main one being the jealousy from other women. Well, as you can imagine, Brick has been torn to shreds by journalists, analysts, feminists, bloggers, tweeters, and anybody in between. 

Much of the discussion has become nasty and personal, and people's quickest and easiest reaction is to say "She's not that pretty" or calling her "ugly."  I find this particularly distasteful. I actually do think Samantha Brick is very good looking woman, and like most people she's probably much better looking in real life rather than in a snap shot. And, I don't think she's wrong. There are moments when beautiful women are treated badly by other women, and jealousy does play a part. Or they are dismissed as stupid. 

But my problem with Brick's article is not that I dispute her beauty, or that she may even be mistreated by other women for that beauty. My problem is that a beautiful person complaining about being treated badly because she's beautiful, is like a rich person complaining about having too much money. We see beauty as a point of power, and she was flaunting her power.  

What did you all think?

~ Photos by Adam Killick ~

Outfit Details:
Striped Top from Zellers
GAP Jeans
Joe Fresh Cardigan
Shoes thrifted
Earrings from Suzy Shier 


  1. nice outfit, stunning <3
    Maybe we can follow each other?
    <3 Happy easter!

  2. Great post! and Happy Easter!

    take a look my blog and we can follow each other if you want :D
    Have a great day!

  3. you look gorgeous, love the colour of your lipstick :)
    I just read the article, and I thought it sounded very arrogant. I wonder if the women around her isn't only "jealous" of her beauty but also unhappy with her personality :)

  4. Your shoes are so pretty <3 Happy Easter Natasha !

  5. "While I’m no Elle Macpherson, I’m tall, slim, blonde and, so I’m often told, a good-looking woman.". Right. Because EVERYONE knows that tall, slim, and blonde is the epitome of beauty. :-/ I'm with you and Blush on this one, Natasha. 'Tis the arrogance and conceit that I find off-putting. Well, that and the fact that I don't personally find her looks threatening in the least. No judgment. It's just that I don't understand. *shrug*

    You, however, look absolutely gorgeous! I love the last photo in particular. Very cute!

  6. This outfit is so simple and gorgeous. And I agree, it does not matter if one is beautiful, or even if they acknowledge tat they are beautiful. But it someone is conceited about their own beauty, they do not deserve to be commended about it again and again. This could come off as jealousy, but it could also be fed up people trying to make her less vain.
    And if you have time, could you check out my blog? I am following you because your style is so unique.

  7. Hi its me again, im following you now

  8. First, I love your outfit! Casual and chic.
    And about the Samantha Brick's comment, I agree with you. It can't be denied that she is beautiful and that beautiful women are treated badly at times. So what? I don't see a point complaining about being-too-beautiful. Does she mean that she would rather not be beautiful and avoid the jealousy? No, right. Then she should just not complain.

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  9. Really nice casual look :)

    Kisses, Elly

  10. love your look! You always look good in red. I agree with you about the article but I think when she wrote it, she had to have known that she was going to get attacked about her looks. That's just how people are, especially online. I think some people just write stuff for the controversy and even though I didn't read through the entire article, I'm pretty sure she just wanted people to talk about it.

  11. Classic Daily Mail drivel. Absolutely no thought, absolutely arrogant, absolutely ridiculous. Articles like that, standard fare for the Daily Mail, drive me crazy.

  12. I completely agree with all your views on the whole Samantha Brick fiasco. I think its distasteful and petty and her reasons for doing it, I suspect, was to get attention (so kudos for achieving that) hahaha support for being-so-beautiful-it-hurts.


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