Thursday, April 5, 2012

Preppy Fish and Chips

Is it wrong to go an establishment that is renowned for its burgers but insist on getting fish and chips when that's you're hankering for? Well, rules be damned.  We went to Jumbo Burger but did not have burgers.

Guys, I'm reluctant to share details about my 9 - 5 job on the blog, as you may know from previous posts, I'm much more likely to talk about my freelance writing, but today will be a bit different. I'm a journalist at a public broadcaster and we've just had a major cut to our funding.  These are tough times, and the government chose to make cuts, and subsequently our President and the Board of Directors made painful decisions about how to deal with these cuts. Vital programming will be reduced. Offices will be shut. 650 of us will lose our jobs. The mood at work was definitely heavy, as were many of our hearts. 

I've been here for a few years, while some have been there for decades, they've seen it all before, and I'm choosing to follow their calm example and to just roll with the punches. 

Thanks for stopping by.
~ Photos by Chris ~

Outfit Details:
White Shirts small boutique, the name of which I can't remember.
Zara Grey Cardigan
Smart Set Jeans
Urban Outfitters Boots
Necklace from Pink Peony
Gold Hoops in Saskatoon
Charm Bracelet from Primark in Amsterdam, and bangles from my sister


  1. Oh, such bad news for your company and you. I'm sorry to hear that, such things are always difficult. But I wouldn't be to worried if I were you, they'd be crazy if they let you go. And I always like to think: What is the very very very worst that could happen, that would be losing your job.. That is the very worsed. It will not effect your personal health or anything like that. So I think even that would be okay.. You are such a talented writer, I have been following your blog for about two months now and I have never been disappointed. You always mix humor and food for thought (and sometimes just food ;) ) into your fashionblog. That's what I love about it. You will land on your feet no matter what :).
    Great post again today, feel like eating fish and chips now.

  2. Sabine, thank you so much for your super kind and thoughtful and supportive comment. I really appreciate your pep talk. I'm not too worried about me, even if I lost my job, I have a great family, support network, and I hope enough resourcefulness to bounce back. I'm more sad about the loss in general. Friends will lose their jobs, and opportunities will be gone. But in all things in life there is ebb and flow, I'm confident things will be fine. Thank you again. :)

  3. Sorry to her about the work situation. We seem to be just coming out of the heavy at the City...fingers crossed. Change is in us and around us all the time. On another note - loving your blog, sis. And that necklace!!!!

  4. Thank you all around Nindy - both pep talk and blog love related. :)

  5. This post makes me want either a burger or something fried right now :) Sorry to hear about the job situation - hang in there, everything will work out :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. Love the boots xx

  7. I like your crisp shirt with your jeans and boots, it's the perfect mix of casual and dressy. Sorry to hear about your organization's challenges but you definitely have the right attitude about the situation. I hope everything works out okay for you and your coworkers.

  8. That is horrible.. glad to hear you are staying calm and positive. Hope everything works out.

  9. I heart the CBC, when I heard on the news that they would be cutting jobs it made me really angry. The stories and docs. that they publish are "real" (lack of a better word), they push boundaries. I am not going to go on about how I feel about the "budget". Hang in there lady, glad that you are not stressing out it's ruff. Stay positive. XOXO

  10. First off, Halibut Fish & Chips sound DELISH instead of the American Cod version, and I love your outfit.

    2ndly, I'm so sorry to hear about budget cuts and your job. That's a story that I know all to well from being a teacher in the US :( Just keep your chin up and try not to stress out about it. Everything will work out for the best (I hope!)...

    ♥ B

    <a href=">With Love From, Michigan</a>


  12. that sound so yummy!
    love your outfit! xx

  13. Sorry to hear about your current work situation my dear!! I hope that it all works out for the best! At least you are still managing to look chic and stylish as always :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  14. Love the blog - so yeah, let's follow each other - I already have;)

  15. Oh, sorry to hear about work. We've avoided layoffs so far at my job but are forced to take several unpaid days off a year and it's stressful. Hope everything turns out.

  16. Love your necklace!

  17. Oh boy! Fish & Chips are my weakness!!!! We are having a spring time giveaway for a gift certificate to our boutique!! Check it out and enter!

    xx Julie xx

  18. Such a gorgeous girl! Love the layered look with the boots and I'm really sorry to hear about the bad news with your company. It's such a difficult time to work in the media industry :/

  19. Sorry to hear about the job cuts! Wishing you the best and sending good vibes your way!

  20. Hey..funding cuts are a bitch man! Sorry to hear that, sadly it is spreading and few of us are spared. the WHOLE sector i work/ed for - the 'third' sector - i.e. civil society - is pretty much in tatters, thanks to UK funding cuts. there is a whole generation of us affected.

    the winds of change are definitely here. new opportunities, hopefully x


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