Friday, April 6, 2012

Messy Bun

Does anyone else think that 'Community' is THE most creative show on television right now? Scratch that. Most creative show ever? Who saw that Pillow Wars episode last night? How brilliant was that? I don't want to give too much away if you didn't see but the team of writers, that can make an sitcom episode about a massive pillow fight into a civil war documentary, are sheer geniuses!

I want to thank all of you who offered such kind of words of support on yesterday's post about the cutbacks at my work. I was actually a little embarrassed. I don't want you guys to think I'm really worried...I mean, you can't help but worry a bit. But, I believe in the equilibrium in the universe, things always work out. You're all good peeps for caring. :)

And speaking of work...I'm at work today, on this "alleged" long weekend. If you're working today, I'd love to know what kind of work you do. So tell me, what's your job and why are you working on a long weekend?

Have a wonderful Easter weekend guys. 
~ Photos by Chris ~
Outfit Details:
White Top from Taiwan a gift from my cousin Taniya and Marc-Andre
Jacob Midi Black Skirt
Buffalo Jean Jacket
Scarf from Salzberg, Austria
Green Boots from Kensington Market
H&M Purse previously loved by mom
Flower Earrings from Primark, in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Necklace bought by vendor at Cabbagetown Street Festival

Also next week, I going to have a series of special posts which I'm really excited to share, so please do check back again next week!


  1. Really love your fun boots...and I'm excited for the weekend too!

  2. Thank you Natasha for your comment. I love also your today´s combination. you are Beautiful Miss Turquoise!! I really love that color:-)


    xx ketty xx

  3. you're right indeed :-) there are not enough women in my collection ... which other women do we have? donatella versace, coco chanel, vivienne westwood ... I think I shoud add some women power :-) thanks for that

  4. Wow, the blue boots add such a quirky touch, love it!

    Anneli x

  5. I agree with the, your boots are to die for. I envy you for having that stuff! :)

    Anyway, I work more than 8 hours everyday as a freelance worker so I have no holidays.

  6. eeep i love your boots! they're perfect!

  7. Work tension . Cost cutting happened with my client too and I had to leave. But I had job with my company. You never know you would get a better one.
    I am working too this weekend. And I am working only to take off later when I am going on vacation :)
    Love tha blue and scarf!

  8. Love your boots! And I agree with you, things always work out in the end! :)

    Wardrobe and Mirror

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  9. I'm working this weekend.. paid to stay at home and clean poop and spit up! Thank you Canadian govt! : )

  10. I really need to catch up on Community. I watched the first season and loved it, but haven't seen it since. I'm always fearing that it's about to get cancelled.

    Love the shades of blue :)


  11. I recently thrifted a pair of boots in that glorious turquoise! Once again, I love how you've styled the entire outfit. As a voice actor, I'm virtually free to wear whatever I want when I want. I can also pretty much create my own work schedule, a true luxury! I realize I'm very, very lucky and try to take advantage of it.


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