Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blog Love: Kyla from Blue Collar Catwalk

                                      Source: via Natasha on Pinterest

Dear friends, please meet a blogger I follow regularly and admire for not just her style, but also her talent, honesty and generous spirit - Kyla from Blue Collar Catwalk.

Kyla's blog is one of my daily visits for inspiration, but this morning I squealed in delight when I went to her site, to see that she had written up a very kind post about my blog. You can see it here. I still sometimes feel like the nerd at the cool kid blogger party, like I don't really belong, but when one of the cool kids (Kyla, I'm looking at you) makes you feel welcome then you start loosening up a bit. Kyla thank you so much for supporting the blog from early on and for your lovely post. I'm honoured.

Friend, visit Kyla's blog, I think you'll be delighted by her down to earth and playful style and lovely spirit.


  1. Cool of the nerds, maybe - but nearly as cool as you may think :) So happy you enjoyed your surprise!

  2. Wow! She has an amazing sense of colour. This is very nice...!!

    Great post, I'm your new follower, hope we can follower each other! :)

    ★☆Romiya Fashion Inspiration Blog☆★

  3. i love the maxi and the green shirt

  4. You're right, that's definitely sweet!

    Love her style too!


    Twenty York Street

  5. her blog is as sweet as the author. not to say that she quietly inspires me too :)

  6. how fabulous for you both!

    xoxo from nyc &

  7. How cool Natasha! Congratulations!

  8. I am her blog follower and I always love her style and confidence. :) She rocks! And you as well. :)


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