Monday, March 5, 2012

What I Wore: Stella and Dot Show

Do you remember friend Melissa's Stella and Dot Party? This is what I wore. 

So as you may know from previous posts, I'm been wearing this faux fur vest a lot. See here, here and here.
I'm wearing the heck out of it, because in a few weeks (hopefully) it'll be too warm, and I won't be wearing this piece again. But as it turns out, it wasn't the best option to wear to a party where you're going to be trying on lots of pieces of jewelry. And it also wasn't the best idea to wear my favourite big Rwanda earrings that Rebecca gave me. The whole night at the party I kept taking off my vest and earrings, so that the other pieces weren't being overwhelmed. So the lesson is, if you're going to a Stella and Dot party, make sure to wear something very simple (the navy sweater was fine) and don't wear jewelry. You want a simple canvass on which to try the jewels. 

Hope you guys had a great weekend, and let's have a beautiful, productive, purposeful week!
~ Thank you Nazia for the pics ~

Outfit Details
Faur Fur Vest from Marshall's in New York City
Navy Sweater from Target in Detroit
H&M Skirt and Tights
Payless Boots
Rwanda Earrings gift from Rebecca
Sunglasses from Forever 21


  1. Love that furry vest with styled with the navy outfit! You look so great :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  2. Lovely! like your look!


  3. Cute! You look very Hollywood here. :-)

  4. still love your vest...

  5. I have a vest that's so similar. It's the perfect thing to wear to any special event. I love how you wore it with the navy dress.


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