Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I Wore: St. Michael's Hospital Magazine


Hi Guys, so far the staycation has been really great. This is what I wore yesterday to St. Michael's Hospital for a pretty unusual photo shoot. More details below, but first this is me trying (very poorly) to balance myself in heels.

Ok still going strong but the freezing winds yesterday had me teetering and tottering...

...aaaaand this is me two seconds before I fell off the beam.

As I mentioned, I was at a photo shoot at St. Michael's Hospital yesterday with my dad.
Here's the story: On February 16th, I wrote this post on the blog and the good folks at St. Michael's Hospital saw it. Specifically Michael M. in the hospital's communications department. He contacted me and dad and wanted to know the hospital could feature us in their magazine. Of course dad and I are happy to do anything we can to show our support of the hospital since they took such good care of him.

We had a wonderful reunion with so many of the familiar faces on the second floor on the Queen Street Wing. We love you guys. And it was real pleasure to meet John King, the President of the hospital.

Thank you Michael for reading the post and for reaching out to our family. Can't wait to see the story and pictures in print! Thank you guys for stopping by.

~ Photos by Chris ~
Outfit Details:
Red T-shirt and Grey Alfred Sung Blazer from Zellers
Black Skinny Pants from Winners
Anne Klein Heels thrifted
Necklace from India, gift from my friend Avani
Pearl Earrings from Purple Jade


  1. what a funny pics!!! =)

  2. Cute photos! Love your work outfit :) Your blazer is so chic!

  3. Great job balancing on that beam in heels lol I wouldn't have last for more than a nanosecond. I love these photos and your outfit, it looks like you had a lot of fun :)

    On another note, every time I visit your blog I'm always left in awe. I don't know what your skincare or makeup regimen is but you're always GLOWING and it's so refreshing. Please enlighten us with your beauty secrets!


  4. That sounds so great!! :) Lovely outfit! :)

  5. What a wonderful opportunity! I am so glad that they took great care of your dad, and now you are able to thank the hospital this way! You look beautiful! =)

  6. Did you get a haircut or ... did you straighten it? I've been drafting a post called "The angels at St.Mikes" and have been debating if I should post it or not... I think you've convinced me to schedule it for next week! We love the staff there too!

    1. I cut it and got it straightened. You definitely should post it. St. Mike's is such a wonderful place, they take good care of people.

  7. I love the first picture! Great outfit!! :)

    Much Love from



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