Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This Is Paradise

Even if it's a bit challenging or downright upside down at times - this really is Paradise.

Thank you guys for all your thoughts, experiences and opinions regarding Israel's law banning the use of  underweight models in advertising. I went to Newstalk 1010 yesterday, and had a great conversation with Ryan and John, the hosts of Friendly Fire. I emphasized that this isn't an issue related to freedom of expression, and even more than health, this is about labour. These are very young employees, who put themselves in risky health situations because their employers require them to. Not to mention, the negative trickle down effect this has on young girls who admire the models. Self-regulation isn't good enough. In the end, I applaud Israel for taking real  concrete steps to address these issues. And hopefully other countries will follow suit.
We pre-taped the interview, and they'll air it over the Easter long weekend. And thank you Andre, the producer of the show, for thinking of me. 

In other fashion related news. Last night Chris asks me, "Did you hear that Forever 21 photoshops the kneecaps off models?" And first I laughed out loud, then said, "No!" and then refused to believe him, until I googled it and it's true. The latest body part that you need to be conscious off in the world of beauty - ladies, your kneecaps are your new handicap.
I pledge that kneecaps will never be photoshopped off on this blog. 

And last night the blog reached 200 followers on GFC. Thank you all who joined the site, visit regularly and offer your feedback. I appreciate it so much!

~ Photos by Chris ~
Outfit Details:
H&M White T-Shirt
Chambray Blazer Alfred Sung for Zellers
Sparkle Skirt Tucker for Target 
Anne Klein Heels
Elephant Necklace gift from mom
Charm Bracelet from Primark in Amsterdam, and Gold Bangles gift from my sister


  1. I think it is very wise of you that you approached this problem as a labour issue in stead of a freedom of speech issue! I think you are right!
    And wow, kneecaps, haha who would have thought..

  2. Can'T BELIEVE about f21 and kneecaps, OMG! Love this outfit dear it's perfect for work!
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  3. Beautiful pictures!

    Dlight from Paris

    La Rue A Du Style


  4. I love your outfit Natasha! :) You look amazing! and I was content to read the news about Israel too :) Way to go fashion industry!

    congrats on reaching the 200 milestone =D


  5. Oh wow...I LOVE the backdrop and the outfit! Beautiful!

  6. I can't believe F21 cuts off there models kneecaps that is just silly.

  7. love this photos, colors are great!

  8. Great post-love the background! Thanks so much for all the lovely comments on my blog-they are very much appreciated :-)
    Love K

  9. great shots! those patent leather shoes are so gorgeous.


  10. What an awesome background...you look great!

  11. These photos are so editorial! Love it!

  12. Just popped on over from IHOD and so glad I did! Love your look and these gorgeous fashion shots.
    I totally agree with you - way to go Israel. I hope other countries will learn too. Somethings gotta give...knee caps...seriously?!

  13. Is there any part of a model's body that is safe from photoshopping anymore? haha

    xo Jennifer


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  15. great outfit!!


  16. I can't believe forever21 photoshops kneecaps, that made me LOL. I love your skirt with the red pumps, it's very sexy.

    I love these pictures, the 'this is paradise' in the background is so profound and ironic lol and of course you look exceptional as always !!




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