Saturday, March 17, 2012

Swept Away: Pink and Lace

The wind was blowing so hard on this day, and it was so cold. It was hard to keep my eyes open the wind was whipping us so badly.
On another note, so many of you left such sweet and thoughtful comments about yesterday's big move.
 I appreciate it so much, thank you guys. 

I've only been back in my apartment for a few hours, and it feels very strange. 
For seven months, I lived in a house with my husband, my sister, and we adopted a little kitten that each of us fell in love with. For all those months we lived together, ate together, pushed each others limits, and had a bit of fun. I started a blog, and my sister Nazia was always there when I needed pictures taken. We had a cute little life together, that I grew found of, and now it's all changed. Again.

Within a few days, I'll be adjusted to my new life - which is actually my old life - but last night, I cried, a lot. Partly exhaustion. Mostly mixed emotions. But knowing that my parents are happily together in their home makes it all worthwhile.

~ Thank you Robert for taking the pictures ~
You can read about yesterday's move here. And thank you again all of you who sent positive comments and emails. 

Outfit Details:
Lace Top and Peach Skinny Jeans from TV Show Wardrobe Sale
Banana Republic Blazer
Hush Puppies Boots
Necklace from Pink Peony
Pearl Earrings from Purple Jade


  1. Love your outfit, very chic. Also I find that the wind either works against you or with you in photos and in your case it definitely worked with you.

    I didn't get a chance to comment on yesterday's post but I did read it and thought it was very sweet what you did for your parents and I'm really happy to hear that your father is doing much better :)


  2. You are so sweet and your outfit is so chic :X

  3. Love those bright pants! I hate those really windy days where the wind whips your hair around and it gets stuck in your lip gloss!


  4. beautiful pants! love that color =)

  5. Love this outfit. It is so chic and cheerful. Love the color of your pants.

  6. Hi Natasha,

    I loved your ensembles. Not only this one, but most of them in the posts. Looking at them I am already getting new ideas for my posts. Do check out my blog (link underneath) and would love to get feedback if you like it.

    Wardrobe and Mirror

  7. great pants! great colour!

  8. Don't know what I love more -- the bright pants or the lace top!! Beautiful look! xo

  9. Hi Natasha!

    I was lucky today i found 2 Canadian bloggers
    I am Ariane from Montreal
    I love your blog, love your stories
    The more i read the more i want to know about you
    You seem to be a very nice Lady
    I also love your elegant style

    Chris takes beautiful pics of you

    Looking foward to see more of you
    I am a new follower


  10. i like the peach jeans!

    Come visit my blog, let me know how you like it
    and can we follow each other on GFC?

  11. Aww, sounds tough. : (
    I hope you're able to find peace with the changes soon!
    I know a bit what that can be like, as my husband and I have actually been in a similar situation before.

    You really look adorable in those pants!
    : )


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