Saturday, March 10, 2012

Marni for H&M Purchases

As you may have heard, fashion designer Marni teamed up with H&M for a very special collection that was released on Thursday. There was so much buzz about this collection, Sofia Coppala directed the TV commercials, and many of the pieces were already being sported at Paris Fashion Week. I describe Marni's collection and fabrics as futuristic space alien meets sub-Saharan African wild prints. These are the two pieces I picked up: this polka dot skirt, and the silk dress below.

Please forgive the sunglasses, but I took these pictures at 7am this morning, and I didn't want to subject you to how tired I looked. You might recognize this very special T-shirt from a previous post. If not, please read about it here

 The polka dot skirt represents the "futuristic alien" aspect of Marni's collection and this silk dress represents the "African" elements. 

In conclusion - I love the pieces I got, even though they are way out of my price comfort zone. 
The skirt was $69.95 and I'm keeping it for sure. It's comfortable, playful, I can wear it all year round.
But I'm less sure about this lovely silk dress that cost $129.00. 
Pros: I love the print, it's a beautiful, soft silk,  I can remix it as a top and as a skirt, the sleeves and length are perfect for work.  
Cons: The price is a big one, and it's a little sheer.
I'm leaning towards keeping it, but what do you guys think? Keep the silk dress or return it?

~ Thank you Nazia for going outside at 7am with me on a Saturday ~

Did you get any Marni pieces? Which ones?


  1. The dress is really pretty. Maybe you could get a brown slip to wear underneath it?

  2. The dress looks really good on you. Maybe Marni can give you some commission for advertising for her :)

  3. great pieces, look great on you ;)

  4. You should keep the dress, because with its silhouette and basic color scheme you can wear it all year 'round. Boots/tights/leggings in the winter and flats/sandals in the summer. It's a good base for layering different colors on top of it.

  5. Defiantly keep the dress,i think you will find you'll get your moneys worth from how versatile it is! The skirt is gorgeous,love the print and colour of it! :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  6. You should keep the dress! you look fantastic with both pieces!

    xoxo Julieta

  7. Both pieces look fantastic on you!

  8. You look fantastic Natasha! Keep the dress! A splurge is good for you every now and then.

  9. Very lovely! I am going on H&M as we speak!

  10. Lovely Dress but I Love the Skirt !!!!

  11. Ohh la la...I love that skirt and T combo! The dress is too pricey, it's nice but I say hit up Zara and you could get prob. 2 dresses for the same price.


  12. I took the jacket in blue dots and and the shirt like your dress! I think it was one of the best HM capsule collection ever for quality and price.
    I posted the items I bought here
    it's in Italian, but pics are international :)


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