Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lady Like in Rough Areas

There are areas in the city that are a bit rough around the edges, but even in these areas there are spots of beauty. I love this set bright doors. So to add a bit of softness,  I thought I'd wear some lady like pieces.
A silk scarf. A charm bracelet. Sparkly earrings.

~ Photos by Chris ~
Outfit Details:
White Tank previously loved by my friend Rebecca
Gap Jeans
Tristan & America Blazer
Silk Scarf previously loved by my mom
t + j design earrings gifts from Tiffany and Jennifer
Charm bracelet from Primark in Amsterdam, and bangles were a birthday gift from my sister Nazia

This gentleman was kind of just hanging around while Chris and I were taking pictures. He was really curious what the pictures were for, about our relationship, so you know we couldn't let him slip away without getting at least one picture with him.  It's one of the joys of working on the blog, and taking these pictures, you run into people, you start conversations and make a small connection, even if just for a moment.


  1. Nice spot with the colored doors! That last picture with the guy is really fun! :)

  2. nice scarf and location.
    thanks for coming and the sweet comments.



  3. love all the bright colors! great location <3

    XO Sahra
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  4. Beautiful photos! Such a lovely outfit against an incredible background!

  5. That background is so fun & I love the shade of lipstick you're wearing!

    Chic and Unique

  6. Your style is so stunning! I love the bold jewellery and my mum would love those earrings! In fact, I am buying her very similar ones for Mother's Day!
    I love your style, and this may sound weird, but I love how you are desi like me! It is great to see a familiar face around here, I can coop up a lot of inspiration from your style!
    You are beautiful and your blog is just fantastic, I am your newest follower and avid reader. Thank you!

    Love from, THE EASTERN PEARL

  7. Aww, these pictures are so cute and I really like the colors of the background with your entire outfit. You have great style and look so classy.

    Following you now,

  8. Great scarf with pop of color on the cuffs!

  9. Ohh I love the pink inner cuff on the jacket!

  10. how funny! i always wonder what people think when they see me taking outfit pictures...i get so shy!


  11. You look great!!! Lovely pics <3

  12. You look great, I love the scarf & blazer!

  13. I love your scarf and you are one gorgeous woman !
    Someone mentioned in the comments above how it's nice to see a fellow desi fashion blogger, I totally agree there just aren't enough of us! Definitely following and looking forward to your next posts :)

  14. So pretty! I absolutely love the scarf & where you chose to take your pictures is beautiful. Last picture with your new friend is too funny!

    I hope you'll check out my blog & giveaway:

  15. fantastic outfit, i love your scarf!

    visit my blog please)follow me if u like my blog and I'll follow u back!)

  16. That last photo kills me! Too funny!
    REally love your scarf and earring combo Natasha!
    Thanks for linking up:)
    Have a wonderful day ahead!
    x, Anna

  17. where was this taken? in toronto? where about?

    pretty pictures :)


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