Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Intellect on a Style Blog?

My friend Robert and I had an interesting conversation last week: How do you show intellect on a style blog? Outside of a certain expertise or passion for fashion - how does someone demonstrate their intelligence on a style blog? Short of writing dissertations or talking about the faltering Euro or the latest development in nano technology - how do you stay on point with a style blog, especially if that's the only way some people know you, and still illustrate that you're interested in the world around you, and you're not shallow and superficial? Has anybody else dealt with this? Or is the question itself pointless? Maybe there's no need to demonstrate intelligence (aside from knowledge and interest in a very specific area) in a forum like this?

~ Thank you Ori for taking the pictures ~
And speaking of taking pictures, on yesterday's post I mentioned that I had to rely on the kindness of a complete stranger to take my blog pictures one day. A lot of you were really nice about sharing your own challenges with getting pictures taken for your blogs and I loved reading about all varied experiences. I have to give a special mention to two lovely women: Morgan and Romilla. These two colleagues, and friends, each emailed me yesterday after they saw the post (and I can only assume took pity on me) offering to take pictures for me if I should need help. You know what? People are wonderful. Thank you Morgan and Romilla for the offer, and I will certainly take you each up on the offers.

Outfit Details:
Blouse thrifted
Joe Fresh Black Skirt
H&M Black Tights
Payless Boots
Necklace from Cuba, a gift from my cousins
Pearl Earrings from Purple Jade
Cocktail Ring from


  1. To start on a superficial note: your necklace is adorable, especially with that blouse!

    And now for the more difficult part: I don't think you should ever worry about demonstrating your intelligence. People who are concerned about showing off how smart and educated they are tend to get on my nerve, to be quite honest. If you write about something you love, even if it's as 'shallow' as fashion, your intelligence will shine through!

  2. I am with Anna on this. There is no "need" to demonstrate intelligence. If you are, then it will show no matter what you decide to talk about. And a blog can be anything, a beacon of intelligence or a place to escape into the trivialities of life. Who's to judge? :)

    Love your necklace!!! :)

    ∞ © ∞

  3. You of all the people in this world should not worry about intellect. Your column on "How NOT to teach History of Canada," on is a reflection of your intellect. This blog shows how to marry intellect with style and dignity.

    You go girl...

  4. Nice outfit!
    It's an interesting discussion you started! It's a difficult topic. I also write a blog (on second-hand shopping), but I also have a bachelors degree in Mathematics, and am currently doing my masters. And I was thinking whether I should put this on my blog (in the 'About' part perhaps), but it felt a bit like it would seem that I thought I had to proof myself or something. So I didn't. But I did think about it a lot..
    I think the people that commented above me make excellent points, you don't have to proof yourself. Besides, it doesn't really matter what everybody else thinks right? As long as you know that you're not superficial. But still, I get were you're coming from. I think this will be in my head all day, how about that? :P
    Greetings from Holland!
    - Sabine (

  5. Perfect Outfit I Love your Necklace
    Hope You Stop By & Follow me 2 !!!!

  6. Oh gosh, I deal with the intellect issue a lot. It's a hard thing for people to admit that the arts does require a different type of intellect.

    I agree with TarekFatah: Yes! You go, girl!

  7. I think your question is a non-issue. Just write what you want to write and your intellect will come through. Many style blogs are written by highly educated, intellectual individuals so your question could come across as judgmental, had I not been exposed to your graciousness in prior posts. Fashion and intellect can absolutely go hand-in-hand and fashion is not always superficial. It can be fun, boost confidence and bring people together. Intellect on the other hand, can be superficial, when forced.

  8. The short and necklace-everything is so gorgeously out together!
    love that lip colour goes with necklace ///

  9. I'd just like to compliment your outfit. Tired of seeing black, grey and navy in the corporate world. This has colour, taste and is very appropriate x

  10. I often think of that to be honest. But i think it comes across with your text, no matter how short your post is
    and trust me you don't come off as shallow, I love the interesting topics you come up with!

    love your blog and I'm a new follower :)
    hope you can stop by mine as well xx

  11. what a great question. i have been thinking about the intersection of fashion + intellect, as i consider getting a masters in fashion history. i think as long as you write what interests you, people will always read.


  12. i LOVE the grates with the skirt print!! ahhh!

  13. my thoughts on this..i don't normally bother with Style magazines or blogs - they depress me for some reason, and its not often i find even much aesthetic appeal (and I'm into my imagery)..or if there is, its 'frozen in time vogue shots' type (which can be beautiful but for me are generally emotion-less) I follow your blog because you manage to inject personality into your writing, and the way you write about your style & fashion choices is emotional - and it reflects - as you said somewhere, how at the end of the day, what we're all aiming for isn't about clothes or labels, but feelings and aspirations. So you should feel good about that! Its very unusual.

    And i love the fact that you're honest about the difficulty getting people to take pictures of you - i think so many people think, wow great pics, and you must be super-important to always have someone on hand to take pictures! you'll inspire the rest of us to get blogging..


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