Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Everybody EveryWear: Green

This is my submission for the Everybody EveryWear challenge, and this month the theme is one of my favourite colours: Green! I picked up this green peacoat several years ago at Forever 21 in Detroit, when I was living in Windsor, Ontario.

I bought a lot of colourful outer wear when I was in Windsor, because I was TV reporting, and needed a rotation of "looks" for being on air. Although it's pretty unfair, some people paid more attention to what we wore than the content of our stories. I'll give you an example. But first, I should explain to my non-Canadian friends that on Remembrance Day, many Canadians wear red poppy pins on their lapels or jackets as a sign of respect to those who fought in wars, and for all veterans. Well, the year I was in Windsor, one of my colleagues wore her red poppy pin on the right side of her jacket, which isn't where you're supposed to wear it. It was an honest mistake, and obviously no disrespect was intended but, the amount of angry phone calls and emails we got about this 'offense' to the veterans was unbelievable.  Not a single comment on her story, but tons of response about the faux pas. 

By the way, thank you so much all of you who commented on the Cap Toe Shoes DIY, it seems like some of you might even give this a try! Hooray! If you missed it, you can see it here.

~ Pictures by Nazia ~
Outfit Details:
Green Peacoat from Forever 21 in Detroit
Green and Blue Scarf from Salzburg, Austria
Earrings from Blanco in Lisbon, Portugal
Skinny Jeans from Uniqlo in New York City
Boots from Urban Outfitters

Green: Everybody, Everywear


  1. Such a cozy and warm outfit natasha! Cute!

  2. I really like your pea coat! It's a classic piece that you styled nicely.

  3. You look great sweetie!! Love your green coat :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  4. Wow, green is such an amazing color on you! I love this.

  5. what a lovely shade of green that is!

  6. J'adore! Love the green jacket, your lipstick, and that red dresser behind you!!


  7. The color of that coat is great! It's not your typical green which make it stand out a little more. Oh, and I am ALL for colored winter coats. - Katy

  8. Wow, that's pretty harsh!

    I really love BRIGHT colored jackets and coats! They add so much fun to some otherwise cold and dark days :)

  9. LOVE green in spring =) pretty outfit too!

  10. Love that green coat! Such a bright fun color.

  11. cute!!!


  12. That scarf is just gorgeous and I love the bold lip!

  13. i love green! cute coat!


  14. Love the green! And the red lips just really makes this outfit pop!

    <3 Kelly

  15. what a lovely shade of green! your smile in that first picture is so pretty :) x

  16. i love how you compliment the scarves with the green peacoat. love it!!

    come and visit us:)


  17. Love the green jacket... And the first photograph is soooo good!!! :)

  18. i hear you girl! one of the downsides of tv journalism is not letting your fashion compete with what youre saying.
    balance i try to strike every single day....
    though ive had viewers say--my wife loooves the gloves you wear! etc etc. sigh. :)


  19. you look gorgeous in green. that second picture of you is stunning. unbelievable about people calling in...as if they thought she was actually trying to be disrespectful!

  20. The first picture is so nice. You look all happy, it makes me smile to simply look at this photo! :o)

  21. It's a bit expected that people are more critical on the fashion trends even on TV shows. It's something all people who appear on tv should be aware and careful of. Nevertheless, you've done a fantastic job at coming up with a great get up for it. The green pea coat really suits you.


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