Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Depending on the Kindness of Strangers

If these photos don't fit into my usual style, there's an honest (and sad) reason for that, which you can read about below.

When I first started blogging in 2010, I focused on profiling people whose style caught my eye, and made me happy, but it brought on a certain type of stress: having to approach total strangers, convince them I wasn't crazy and ask if I could take their picture for my blog. It became so overwhelming that I couldn't focus on conversations with friends because I'd always be looking out for people to photograph, and mustering up the courage to approach them became exhausting. So I gave it up. I started up the blog again in November of 2011, thinking that by focusing on my own style, it would make it easier, no more awkward conversations with strangers. And I was right for about four weeks, when my friend Mark was kind enough to take my picture every single day, he was always so generous with his time. But Mark got a new job, and left our office and now I have a new kind of stress: find someone, convince them I'm not crazy, and ask them to take my picture. Every. Single. Day. And now this can be pretty exhausting. My sister has been a saint in this department, she never says no, but I don't always see her so its tough to rely on her. I have a few colleagues, and friends that always come through in a pinch. But on this day, I just didn't have the strength to ask anyone at work, it was actually less tiring to ask a total stranger. So Anthony on Richmond Street - thanks for helping this (non-crazy) blogger out.

Might be time to get a tripod and a remote control for the camera.
Thanks for stopping by!

Outfit Details:
Red and Black Floral Dress & Suede Boots from Urban Outfitters
Vintage Grey Jacket from Bungalow
H&M Tights
Bracelet from Suzy Shier


  1. that an amazing outfit!!! I love that dress!!!

  2. Nice outfit and blog!
    Check out my latest outfit and let me know your opinion!

  3. Love your cropped jacket with your dress. I'm so impressed that you were brave enough to ask a stranger to take your pics! I take the majority of mine with my tripod a few feet from my front door : )

    You've inspired me to try to go outside of my comfort zone with pics too.


  5. Aw sorry to hear about all the blog stress. I understand and can sympathise with this! Though the good thing is you look gorgeous,really love your outfit and especially that beautiful Jacket! :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  6. i was thinking about how it would be cool to ask total strangers to take a photo of me in philly and see what kind of photos would turn out. yes tripod would be a savior. maybe you can ask for a birthday gift? this outfit i want

    1. Hey Michellek - I'm a philly street style photographer so if you ever see me around feel free to ask!

  7. Wow I'm impressed that you ask a complete stranger to take your outfit photos!! That's a whole new level of courage. Great pics too!

  8. What you takes a certain level of courage and confidence and that is something to be proud of! =) Unfortunately, not every blogger has the luxury of having a constant friend/mate/stranger and you have to get by somehow!
    Nice look btw!

  9. Oh yes, the things we do for blogging...you look fantastic shooting with a stranger...I can see how it might seem awkward but you pulled it off with such panache, who wouldv'e thunk!?

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture.com

  10. Wow you have mad guts! I dont think I could ever ask a stranger to take my picture multiple times... haha I'm too shy for that! But I love the outfit, the red really pops! And you don't look crazy at all hehe



  11. Hi there,
    Wish I could help you out , so best help is this, when I can't find someone to take a pic I always have this with me. http://joby.com/gorillapod
    it can attach to anything. LOVE IT.

  12. love it. i like so much your blog!

  13. wow, I can't believe you ask strangers to take your photos, you are so brave! Far more than I am!!! I get totally uncomfortable when people ask me what i'm doing with my camera and tripod...
    Chic on the Cheap

  14. Your wearing my favorite color! Love it.

    And love your story - can't believe you ask strangers and I admire you. Getting people to take pics is hard work!!

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  15. you are awesome to ask strangers! i would be way too nervous :) thank you for your sweet comments on my post over at clothed much! i am your newest follower and cant wait to read more!!

  16. okay I think it's absolutely awesome that you asked a complete stranger! I hear you, I have trouble with that too, my brother always says no because he's too lazy to get off the computer and my mom seems to always be confused with my SLR haha

    love reading your posts!


  17. Love the vintage jacket! A new follower here!

  18. mine are pretty much all self. :)
    gets it out of the way before the day starts.
    totally get it!


  19. I have been making it a point this year to increase my kind acts towards strangers! I have experienced first-hand how a kind act by a stranger can change the trajectory of ones mood for weeks even. A lot of my motivation has been inspired by an amazing documentary project I have had the great fortune to work on called American Bear. It simply a beautiful exploration of the kindness that strangers exhibit in this country. The couple who made the project went around the country for 60 days relying on the kindness of strangers for shelter each night and documented their experience. The insight that they shed on this underexposed subject is so powerful! Check out the website here: AmericanBearFilm.com

    There is also a section on the site where you can submit your own stories:


    And you can also check out the facebook page here:



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