Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cranky Smurfette

The blue of these tights is so brilliant that I always feel a bit like a Smurf when I wear them. Since I'm in all blue, and I look pretty cranky in these pics, I am the Cranky Smurfette.

Ever think about the Smurfs? That's Barber Smurf, and Clumsy Smurf and Cobbler Smurf, and the list goes on. Everyone/smurf has an identity based around something they do, or a personality trait. Then there's the lone female Smurf - Smurfette, whose name and identity is based solely on her sex. I mean, even Papa smurf, is a father figure, a leader. I know this might sound crazy, and I don't mean to present some sort of feminist rant. However, even as a little girl, I didn't understand why Smurfette's sole defining feature is the fact she's a female? Nothing expected of her? No role to fulfill? She just had to be the girl. Not cool. Ergo, if I were a Smurf I'd be Cranky Smurfette.

Thanks for smurfing by!
~ Photos by Photographer Smurf aka Chris ~
Outfit Details:
Blue Dress from H&M
Blue Tights from Fabulous on Yonge
Kenneth Cole Heels from Double Take
Bead Necklace from Costa Blanca
Bracelets from Suzy Shier
Silver Hoops, not sure where I got them


  1. Great outfit my lovely!! Love the setting to where you took these photos,gives the whole look an urban edge! :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  2. Those blue tights are adorable!!!

    Found you from your sweet comment on my Refinery29 feature. Love your style!


  3. i like your look :) follow please **

  4. Hello Dear,
    Beautiful photos. Congratulations!
    my blog (brazilian)

  5. What fun tights..for some reason I'm scared of colored tights, but love them on others!

  6. Hi Natasha,

    Lovely outfit, it is really like said

  7. Sorry i clicked on publish
    Really love the outfit, love the blue tights.
    It is a very simple, elegant mix

    Ariane xxx

  8. I like the blue tights, very fun!

  9. Love the dress!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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  11. I really love your outfit. Those tights are killer!
    Sidenote: Smurfette doesn't have a definitive role besides being a girl because Gorgamel created her as a way to get rid of Papa Smurf and the rest of the Smurfs but it backfired.

  12. Ah! The sleeves of the dress..perfecto and paired very well with the bright blue tights!


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