Friday, March 9, 2012

Be Original

Yesterday I went to see the movie 'Chronicle' about three teenagers in Seattle who develop super powers after an unexplained contact with some sort of force or alien life form or something. Anyway, it might sound lame, and I think the title doesn't suit the movie at all but it was a fantastic film, and I would recommend you go see it for sure.
See, my problem with most Hollywood movies these days (really for over a decade) is that are so few original ideas. Most films seem to be a remake of an older film, an adaptation of television character or a novel or of course, a comic book series. There are sequels and prequels. And there are the ever painful flights of desperation when male comedians dress up in drag. Adam Sandler and Tyler Perry I ask you to stop. You have your bajillions of dollars in the bank to comfort you. You're in a position of power to make something creative and original. Which brings me back to 'Chronicle' and much of the reason I liked it was because it was a completely original story. I've not seen something like this before, it was unpredictable, the characters were multi-layered, and it was refreshing to see young men showing vulnerability and affection and gentleness. Something I really like in story telling is the element of surprise. Don't be predictable, be original.

~ Thank you so much Robert for taking the pics ~
Have a wonderful weekend guys and thanks for coming by!

Outfit Details:
Vintage Paisley Jacket thrifted
Black and White Striped Tank Top from Zellers
Jeans from Smart Set
Hush Puppies Boots
Earrings were a gift from my cousin Sabrina
Black Bracelet gift from my mom picked up in Amsterdam


  1. love the blazer,cute outfit

  2. I really want to see that movie,i've heard nothing but good things about. I just have to make sure my expectations aren't to high when i finally get round to seeing it. Now to your outfit,i love it!!!! That jacket is so gorgeous and very luxe! The colours and paisley print is beautiful and looks great against the stripes! :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  3. love the pattern mixing here girl!!

  4. I love the combination of the red paisley with the black stripes. Very cute!

  5. I like the combo of print + stripes!
    Looking forward to our coffee date tomorrow!

  6. Love the print mixing. I need to find a good place to thrift.


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