Monday, February 27, 2012

Stella and Dot: Melissa Huggett

So in case you haven't heard, Stella and Dot is the biggest thing in jewelery right now. It's a San Francisco based "social selling" company. Think a mix of Avon sales and Tupper wear parties, and you'll get the idea. Women host parties/trunk shows and you can go pick the pieces you like, in the comfort of a friend's home. I had been hearing about Stella and Dot for months, and when I found out my friend Melissa was going to host a party I was pretty darn excited. Melissa, pictured below, hosted a lovely event this weekend.

Candice, who was kind enough to take a lot of the pictures during the party, is sporting the beautiful Bahari Necklace.

Candice wearing the Turquoise Bead Necklace with the Starfish Brooch.

Silvanna is wearing the beautiful Femme Fatale Necklace.

Arm party indeed.

Ok kids, if you're interested in getting any of these pieces, or have any questions, get in touch with my girl Melissa:
Thank you Melissa for hosting a lovely evening and I wish you tons of success with this new stylish adventure! And by the way, yes, I did buy something. There is a picture of what I purchased in this post. Bonus points to the person who can guess what I bought.


  1. Love Stella and Dot, especially the stack pearl necklace!! Thanks for posting!

  2. Replies
    1. You have to guess Tanvi? I've placed a picture of my purchase - can you guess what it is? :)

  3. tell me you bought the star fish necklace. It's gorgeous. Love the colour.

  4. LOVE me some Stella & Dot (but I NEED to just buy some already bc I keep meaning to and I haven't!)!!


  5. Oh I love Stella & Dot jewelry! So many beautiful pieces!

    See Me Rwar

  6. Looks like a fun party,
    Love your blog,
    come and pay us a visit sometime.

  7. My hubby got me the Alexandria for St. Valentine's Day. I adore it! Looks great over a solid, but sooo good over bare skin. Found you via R29. Following!

  8. So many fun jewelry options! I would have been afraid for my wallet at a party like that : )

  9. The star fish necklace is juste adorable ! Love it !


  10. gorgeous pieces!

  11. Do you still have the starfish brooch?


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