Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Labour of Love - Getting Ready for Valentine's Day

Ok, you romantic fools, fashionistas and fellas out there: We're a couple of weeks away from Valentine's Day, which means you may want to pick up a little something special for the one you love (no pressure). One of my best friends asked me to come shopping with him to pick up a gift for his Valentine. I'm keeping his identity hidden in case his girlfriend happens to read this and she'll know what she's getting for Valentine's Day. So we went to one of the sweetest stores in my neighbourhood of Cabbagetown - Labour of Love.
Labour of Love is loaded full of sweet treats, cards, gorgeous jewelry, unique gifts, household decorations, and many of the items come from local artists. 
Now on to the style aspect of this style post. You see this grey top I'm wearing? Well I'm wearing it backwards. Yes, on purpose. No, I'm not nuts. The front of the top is pretty low cut, and I always have to wear a tank underneath, which ruins the look. Since I've noticed the whole backwards cardigan trend is so big year, I thought I'd turn this top around. What do you think?

And tadaaa...this is the lovely gift for my friend's Valentine. A beautiful fresh water pearl, made to look like it's a pea in a pod in silver. So lovely. So romantic.
Labour of Love is located in downtown Toronto at 242 Carl­ton Street, just west of Parliament. And you can check out their website:

 Outfit Details:
Backwards Grey Top from Target in Detroit
Uniqlo Skinny Jeans purchased in New York City, definitely one of the smartest purchases since I'm wearing them so often. See here and here
Hush Puppy Boots from Bellini Shoes
Necklace from Target in Detroit
Silver Hoops - not sure

Have fun prepping for Valentine's Day!


  1. What an amazing place and that necklace is truly stunning. Have a wonderful day, darling. xo

  2. You are too cute! ;) Love your outfit, especially your necklace!


  3. yes! love the back on the top! im way too much of an advocate :)

  4. The top looks stunning, such an innovative idea to turn it backwards <3

  5. Aww I love that deer print! Cute outfit.

    xo erica

  6. That top picture is so, so look gorgeous!

  7. This is a lovely gift :) you did a nice job selecting that necklace! I love the top you are wearing as well as the necklace!

  8. Cute blouse! I have no idea what I am getting my boyfriend for Valentine's Day.. :/ lol

  9. Delicious photos, so fashion!! I absolutly love your blog, its so imaginative with amazing combinations!! I can find here a really good inspiration sweety :)
    Coment my new outfit in
    follow me and i'll do the same, thanks darling :)

  10. What an adorable shop! I'm sure your friend's valentine will like her gift. I really like your top worn backward, it really highlights your necklace nicely.

  11. That store's pretty adorable- I might have to stop by next time I'm in Toronto! Love your necklace, by the way.


  12. What a lovely post! You are so adorable! xoxo

  13. wat a lovely post...and the fact you did for for u BF.....that make sit more special!!

  14. love the top! and the necklace great look

  15. Great idea to wear the top backwards! I was already going to comment on the cute outfit before I realized the top was! Looks great.

  16. The place is your creative idea for valentine day..I appreciate it.

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