Friday, February 24, 2012

DIY: Earrings as Brooches

In the photo above you can see two DIYs. Yesterday I showed you my hearts on my nails, which you can see better here. But take a closer look at my "brooches". They're earrings. Yup, I woke up that morning and really wanted to wear colourful broaches, and I don't have any. So I said, forget this, time for a little DIY and used some earrings as brooches. What do you think?
You've seen these earrings here, here and here.

I mentioned yesterday that I was going to speak at a workshop with the young adults about journalism and story telling. It was a very lively evening. Thank you Priya for inviting me, and all the participants who came last night for the questions and discussion.

Another very exciting thing happened yesterday that I was too nervous to share with you guys. A few days ago, Aaron, a reporter with Associated Press TV emailed me and said he wanted to interview me about my impression on Canadian fashion designers and our fashion industry. At first I thought he must be emailing the wrong person, but he assured me that it wasn't a mistake. He was following the blog, and wanted to hear my perspective. So we did the interview yesterday, and I even surprised myself with how much I knew about Canadian fashion and my impressions of it, and amazing new designers to watch for. I think a part of me still feels like "who the heck am I to talk about fashion" but it was nice to share some of that passion with a very bright journalist who was interested. Thank you Aaron for the interview, it was my honour. And I can't wait to see the finished piece!

~ Thank you Adam for the pictures ~
Outfit Details:
Yellow T-shirt from Zellers
Gold Blazer thrifted at Double Take
GAP Jeans
Hush Puppies Boots
Red Earrings were a gift from Sana and Dave
Green and Pink Earrings are from Blanco in Lisbon, Portugal
Pearl Earrings (playing themselves) from Purple Jade


  1. Natasha I must say you're creative. Earrings for broaches. Smart idea!

  2. Congrats on the interview - that's exciting! And I love the idea of earrings as brooches, I'll have to try it.

    Courtney ~

  3. Now I know what to do with all of those "singles" I have floating around in my earring drawer. It's like creating a bouquet. Great idea.

  4. cute idea! very resourceful

  5. That's very cool you got the interview! Congrats! Good to see a fellow Canadian fashion lover. Love your blazer here by the way :)

  6. So in love with your jacket! you look gorgeous!!


  7. i love your smile :)
    great idea, darling, earrings as a brooch. so fun, so beautiful!

  8. Love the DIY brooches. And congrats on the interview! You sound so humble about that and it's very refreshing to hear. =)

  9. Love how you wore your DIYs :)

  10. What a cute touch of personality to your outfit!

  11. That's cute!

  12. These are beautiful, love the colour combinations!!


  13. You have such beautiful hair! Great blazer.


  14. I really like this idea. Very cute and creative! It would look cute on some boots at well.


  15. I love this idea soooo much! It's brilliant!


  16. This is a brilliant idea! They make the blazer pop! Thanks for sharing!


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