Friday, February 17, 2012

Bulk Barn and Peer Pressure

 I'm not a big Bulk Barn afficiando but I do enjoy going in there and seeing all the fun stuff and treats available. Sort of the same way I enjoy thrifting. So much to dig through. And it's important to know what you're looking for so you don't get tempted by 'junk'. But on my last thrifting expedition I was a victim of ...(dramatic pause)...peer pressure! Read more below.

A few days ago, my cousins and I went thrifting at Value Village. There were six of us, and as you can imagine it was a bit chaotic and a lot of trying stuff on in the isles, not wanting to go into the change rooms, a lot of "What do you think, yo? Is it tight?" or "Diss, am I ever really going to wear this?" Yes, we do actually talk like that. All. The.Time. Anyway, while the six of us were in states of dress and undress, at the last minute I saw an awesome/crazy Diane von Furstenberg dress. It was very 80's. It was a big sweater dress, way too big for me. Way too long. A strange pattern that could loosely be described as floral. And it was super itchy. So I said "I don't know guys, this is crazy on me." and I got a chorus of "No, you should get it!" and "Just belt it up yo!" and the killer, will get you every time, "If ANYONE can pull off that dress its you Natasha!" 

Damn, how am I supposed to just leave this dress on the rack, when clearly I am the only one on this planet that can breathe new life into it? Then I start having visions of me walking down the street in my new awesome/crazy itchy dress, and everyone will admire me so and I will start a new trend where everyone will want to wear awesome/crazy itchy dresses, and then Diane von Furstenberg herself will send me a hand written thank you card on fancy monogrammed stationary telling me she saw my picture on The Satorialist and.... woah, wait. Did I just say all that out loud? Uh, just ignore all that. 

Anyway, I took the dress home and tried it on in the cold cruel light of my own bathroom and without the cheer leading crowd in the background. And as you can probably imagine, I looked like a big grey wooly mammoth. The dress is not awesome on me. The dress is crazy on me. I have subsequently exchanged this sweater. My cousins were not there for exchange. 

~ Photos  by Nazia ~

Outfit Details:
Banana Republic Camel Blazer borrowed from mom
White Long Sleeved T-shirt previously loved by my friend Ana Misri
Blue Skinny Jeans from Uniqlo in New York City, I also got them in black
Necklace was a gift from my mom
Hush Puppies Boots


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  2. You're such an entertaining writer! I had some good laughs reading this. I only wish you took some photos in the cold cruel light of your bathroom to show us for an extra laugh : )

    1. Yeah, maybe I should have. But any photographic evidence is now dead, and buried deep where no one will find it. ;)

  3. I agree--I wish you would have chronicled the trials and tribulations of dress shopping :-D

  4. the thrift store story is so funny! But such a cute sweater, I like your outfit :)

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