Saturday, February 4, 2012

Boogie in the Snow

I love the word 'Boogie' - does anybody use that word? My dad uses it when we're about to leave a place, he says "Let's boogie." I feel you have to have a certain cool cache to use that word. A coolness I'm pretty sure I lack.
So there is a lot 'editing' in this outfit. First thing, my top is actually a dress, which I've been doing a lot lately. See other examples here, here and here. Second, this skirt is actually much longer, I've just rolled it up every several times and am keeping it in place with this belt.

~Photos by Nazia ~
Outfit Details:
Boa Jacket was a gift from Chris
Dress worn as Top is from Urban Behaviour
Jacob Skirt
Earrings from Blanco in Lisbon
Tights from H&M
Tristan & America Belt
Payless Boots

Hope you have boogie-rific plans for the weekend! Yup, still not cool enough.


  1. Great outfit! I'm definitely not cool enough to use the word 'boogie', but I wish I was!

  2. I want it to snow here in Barcelona!!

  3. Love vintage words when they are used in the proper context. I wish the BOOGIE and/or GROOVY came back ;)! But mine would be Boogie Woogie Dancing Shoes! Remember that song? Link:

  4. Great outfit! Stay warm, pretty girl.


  5. Super cute! I love the bright colored top..its so fun :) And you paired it perfectly with a solid colored skirt and chic!

  6. I really find good ideas every time i come.

  7. Cute boots

  8. Great remixing! Sometimes I temporarily alter my clothes for an outfit as well ;)

    xo Jennifer


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