Friday, January 13, 2012

What I Bought in New York City

This is my haul from our week in New York City. That's the advantage of only taking a few garments on the trip, it leaves room to bring stuff back. I'm very pleased with everything I got, and each item was a great price, which is important for this frugal fashion lover. 
 Both of my new stretch jeans are from Uniqlo, a Japanese retailer that I hadn't heard of until my friend Ben, who had lived in Japan for many years, mentioned it just before I left for the trip. Thanks Ben, the 5th Avenue store is incredible. They don't have any stores in Toronto yet, but I'm sure soon enough they'll come here.
Two skirts I had been pining for for a while. A Tucker sparkly skirt from Beacon's Closet, and a Forever 21 Leopard print from Crossroads. Both stores in Brooklyn.
Two very contrasting tops. A simple, timeless grey sweater was also a find at Uniqlo. And this Vintage sparkly top was a steal in Hell's Kitchen.
 And just for fun: A great Topshop polka dot dress; a fur vest from Marshall's and a bowtie since I've mentioned I've got a thing for bows here and here.
Ok, I bet you guys want to know much did this haul come to?
Uniqlo Pants = $19 each
Two Skirts = $8 and $7
Uniqlo Sweater = $19
Sparkly Top = $6
Topshop Dress = $24
Faux Fur Vest = $25
Silk Bowtie = $9
Total for 9 fun items from an absolutely fantastic and fashionable city? $136. I think I did pretty darn well. What do you think?
New York is such a fantastic city, I can't wait to go back very soon.


  1. Nice work, frugal fashionista!

  2. So in Canadian dollars that's $138.98. That's an impressive haul. I'm not much of a shopper, but that level of focus and time taking and gem finding makes it seem more like a quest, and fun.

  3. I love the polka dot dress, and leopard print skirt!

  4. Just came across this post....beautiful and amazing shopping....when I take my daughter (she is 22 now) for her first trip, she is a shopper but of course 'no' I will follow your lead and find some of these shops. You look so amazing in your finds.


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