Saturday, January 21, 2012

Waiting at the Vators

It was so cold on this day, Nazia and I decided to 'cheat' and just take the pictures on the way to going outside. 
 Let me tell you a little story about this blouse. About a year ago, after countless days at the hospital with my dad, and absolutely no sleep, I wore this blouse to work. While having a coffee with my friends, I was so tired, and my hands were so shaky that I spilt an entire cup of hot coffee on my white blouse. Nightmare situation. I'm at work, and my blouse is not only stained, it is now - transparent. I had to run to a boutique close to work which is where I bought this other blouse which is too big, but it was the right price and I just needed a clean shirt. But the nice thing is that the lovely women that work at the Second Cup coffee shop were so kind, that they took my stained shirt, used some carbonated water and managed to keep the coffee stains from setting in. And then they gave me a free coffee. Yeah, I love people.

Hope you guys are having a great weekend.
~ Photos by Nazia ~
Outfit Details:
Joe Fresh Blouse
Esprit Sweater which was a gift from my friend Geeta
Jacob Denim Pants, previously loved by my friend Kulsum, who also gave me these pants.
Hush Puppy Boots from Bellini Shoes
Earrings from Pink Peony


  1. Love the coffee story. I have one too - when I was traumatized by my dear friend Josh's hostage-taking in Iran, I left a suitcase at the front counter of a cafe I had never been to before. I didn't even notice it was missing until quite a while later. I frantically called the cafe and the owner answered. He said "Yes, it's here. Where are you? I'll bring it to you." People like that make it possible to get through life's hardest times.


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