Thursday, January 26, 2012

Two Blouses Make One Top

 I really like this idea of two blouses, with different patterns, layered on top of each other. This idea was inspired/stolen directly from Kristin and her wonderful blog Doll Parade. Thanks for the idea Kristin!
 Sometime I have odd outfit days - halfway through the day I realize that I don't really like the way my outfit looks. On this day, I liked my outfit but the camera sure didn't. I asked three different friends to take pics for this post, but none were working out. Was this some sort of sign from the blogging gods saying 'don't post this outfit - it's not good'? I sure hope not, because here is my outfit.

~ Photos by Dagna and Nazia ~

Outfit Details:
Gap Long Sleeved Blouse from Double Take
H&M Short Sleeve Blouse from TV show wardrobe sale
Uniqlo Black Skinny Jeans purchased in New York along with these
Blue Suede Shoes purchased at Blanco in Lisbon, also worn here and here
Earrings from Blanco in Lisbon
Pearl Necklace from street vendor at Cabbagetown Festival


  1. I really like this,fashion is so quick these days and it is nice to see someone re-working pieces and layering them,I'll deffo's be trying it out!

  2. I love this SO much! I am flattered that my post inspired you, because you look gorgeous! I have hard days with my camera as well, but let me assure you that your outfit is communicated wonderfully - I love this post.

    XO Kristin

  3. The blouses look gorgeous and I adore the colour of those shoes, so chic <3

  4. Love the pop of the blue shoes! =)

  5. Two things I adore: layering and mixing prints! Great job, and the heels are so pretty! Love the shade of blue, and I'm so glad you posted this!

  6. Hey Natasha! nice to meet you! just checked some of your posts and I must say I love your shoes!! I wish I lived in Canada so I could wear more boots!! Its too hot in India where I live :( Lets follow each other?


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