Saturday, January 7, 2012

Springtime in Winter

I can't believe how the great the weather has been in Toronto this Winter. On this day it +7 degrees! It feels like Springtime, so I thought maybe I'll wear pieces that are meant to be worn in the Spring.
Light green. Pinks. Florals. Sheer skirts.
I also wanted to experiment with mixing patterns and prints like I did on this post.
I also really wanted to wear this skirt because it was (yet another) gift from Chris. This one he got for me in Halifax. He had been away for 3 days visiting his family during the holidays and I was missing him big time.
I bought this polka dot top in the summer for $2 from a street vendor outside of a grocery store. This lady had a clothing rack of odds and ends, most of it didn't really interest me, but this cute little top caught my eye. I can't believe how often I've worn it and how versatile it is. Two dollars definitely well spent.
Blouse: Street Vendor; Blazer: Winners in Windsor; Kenzie Girl Skirt: gift from Chris from Halifax; H&M Tights: Gift from Sabrina; Aldo Shoes: thrifted; Belt: Tristan & America; Floral Earrings: Primark in Amsterdam
~ Photos by Diane Eros. ~

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