Wednesday, January 25, 2012

San Diego Sunset Jeans

These pants always spark a reaction because they are so pink. Or are they? See, at work, we couldn't really decide what colour they were: Peach? Salmon? Flamingo? Well, a couple of my colleagues, who I don't want to embarrass but let's just call them "C-aemon" and "D-hris" decided that the perfect description of the colour is - get ready - San Diego Sunset. I've not been to San Diego, so I'll just have to take their word for it. But friends, not only did these two come up with a fantastic name, but they also wrote AND recorded a song about these pants. I'm not joking. For the sake of not making a complete fool out all of us, I'll just share the chorus with you here:
San Diego sunset,
as we're sharing a slow dance
My heart used to be blue,
now it's the colour of her pants

My colleague "C-aemon" definitely has a talent for labelling outfits, because he is also the one that came up Deconstructed Tiger. Sadly, there is no song for that outfit. Not yet anyway.

~ Photos by Chris ~

Outfit Details:
Kamal Top - Gift from Chris
San Diego Sunset Jeans were from a wardrobe sale at work
Earrings from Rwanda: Gift from Rebecca also worn here
Boots from Kensington Market also worn here


  1. Definitely i enjoy checking out this blog.

  2. Love the whole outfit and the colour combination is totally beautiful:) Love your style, sweetie. happy wed! xo

  3. Great colors in these photos! Love those jeans!


  4. Fine-look attire, nice to look at.

  5. Hi Natasha. I just discovered your blog. Love your style.

  6. I guess any of those names would work - i'd probably call them peach myself. no matter what the name, i love the color!

    Chic on the Cheap

  7. Hello Natasha I discovered your blog from a linkedin bloggers group! I am glad I came by I love your style!! You are very inspring. and I love the story behind the outfit.... Makes it more memorable.

  8. OMG I would steal your boots, fabulous color!:)


  9. LOVE this color combination! Those boots are dreamy!

  10. Love this set of pictures ! So colorful and fun (I freakin love your pants)

  11. great background for this outfit. the bright pants and top look great on you

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