Friday, January 6, 2012

Ready to Motor + Featured on Morning Cup of Style

I am very excited and flattered to be featured on the Style Blog: Morning Cup of Style. You can read more about that at the end of this post.
It's not my motorbike, but I did grow up on motorbikes. In Karachi, where I was born, my dad used to take me and my mom on spins around the city. All over Asia, bikes - motor or non - are so common. And here for some reason they are rare. I guess we 'Americans' like everything to be bigger. But I love motorbikes. We also used bikes in this post.
Dress, Belt and Tights: H&M; Old Navy Blazer: thrifted; Boots: Payless; Brooch: Gift from Priyanka; Earrings: I think we got them on a trip to Athens or Istanbul but I'm really not sure.
This brooch was a gift from my friend Priyanka who I went thrifting with on this post. I actually hadn't seen Priyanka for many years, and this was a bit of fun reunion based around our discovery that we both love thrifting. So she got me a few thrifted baubles for my birthday. How classy is that? And how great is this brooch? Thank you Pri!
~ Thanks for motoring over today. Photos by Mark. ~

And as I mentioned above, Morning Cup of Style written by the lovely Dee Brown, a journalist and style blogger in the US, was kind enough to feature me on her site. You can see that post - I love the Color - here.


  1. Thanks for the repost! I look forward to working with you again in the near future! xx

  2. Ooo nice brooch! And congrats one the feature :)

  3. The broach is beautiful and I love how you're wearing it. I plan to borrow that idea...
    As always Natasha, your blog is a sweet read.

  4. I love your broach, it is simply a beautiful piece. Even though its a gift, I'll be cheeky to say, If ever you want to do away with it, then your aunt in Holland should be the first one to have it. :)


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