Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve: Sparkle and Shine

Happy New Year's Day! My cousins Umbreen and Sana hosted a party last night and the theme was Sparkle and Shine - so this is what I came up with.
Mixing my metallics. A liquid silver skirt with a gold threaded blazer. 
And it seems like the bun has become my formal hairstyle of choice this holiday. I wore at it at Christmas too.
I know this was a perfect opportunity to wear some razzle dazzle heels but I was dying to wear my suede pumps from Lisbon that I've worn only once before here. Confession time: I left the house in such a hurry, that I forget these shoes at home so I had my winter boots on last night. Well, at least there is some evidence of my intentions to wear them to the party.
Happy New Years Everyone! Let's make 2012 our best year ever!
~ Photos by Nazia ~

Outfit Details:
Blazer: thrifted
Tank Top: Smart Set
Skirt: Fairweather (12 years ago!)
Shoes: Blanco in Lisbon
Necklace and Earrings: Gifts from my cousin Sabrina


  1. Happy New-Year Greetings!
    Your New Year's Gown really looks gorgeous and the theme goes very well too:) You have a good taste Natasha:) Good Luck for 2012~

  2. I love your blog and this is said with love and respect. How do you keep your closets organized? Photos please!

  3. The sublime mixing of metals is beautiful 'alchemy'. (I couldn't resist.) Very elegant.
    Happy 2012!

  4. love your outfit and love the skirt! Very chic....I like the mixing of metals....

  5. Yeahy love the outfit - in Pictures and in person. So happy to have you there and looking forward to a great 2012!

  6. Looking Gorgeous! I like the colour of the skirt, the metallic tint makes it look rich!


  7. That skirt is aamazing!! Good thing you kept it for that long!

  8. Your outfit looks great,loved the top knot.A tutorial on it will be great :)

  9. hi, Ntasha! Do you remember me? I'm MJ who worked at Second cup :D I go through your email. I'm glad to be able to see you on your blog! also, your father seems to be healthy now! It's such a good thing! well, your life is going well :) I will see your blog as much as I can lol Happy new year!


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