Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mish Mash

  I've had these pictures for a few weeks. At first, I thought this outfit was a whole bunch of crazy. On this day, nothing was fitting right (too much holiday treating and self indulging) and I just wanted to get some stuff in the rotation so voila - you get this mish mash of craziness. But looking at the pics after some time, maybe the outfit wasn't as crazy as I initially thought. I kind of feel like an eccentric old lady in this outfit. Anyway, the mish mash mood carried on because we couldn't decide on a place to shoot. So we shot at a bunch of places and hoped for the best.
This necklace was given to me by my friend Dagna. It was her grandmother's from Poland. I love that she would share something so personal with me and I feel honoured every time I wear it. She also gave me the green bracelet I'm wearing here
 This blazer was a thrift find, it's too big for me, but I bought it mostly for the skirt which I absolutely love, and I wore here.
~ Photos by Loren ~

Outfit Details:
Blazer: thrifted, you can see the matching skirt here.
Dress worn as Top: Winners
Skirt: Jacob
Hush Puppy Boots bought at Bellini Shoes
Necklace: Gift from Dagna via her grandmother in Poland
Earrings: Saskatoon

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  1. Yeah another Toronto Beauty. I just followed your blog.


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