Monday, January 2, 2012

It Takes Two

Confession: I don't love how this outfit came together. The grey 'top' is actually a dress, and I've been doing this dress-as-top trick a lot lately, see here and here. It's an easy way of getting multiple uses out of your garments. But sometimes the dresses refuse to sit properly, like a top should. I needed to pull the dress straight before we took the pictures. But at least we took these pictures before I spilt saag-paneer all over my dress-shirt. Which happened about 15 minutes after we took these pics.
Now let me tell you why I really like this simple grey dress. There are hidden tabs under the sleeves, which allow the dress to have two looks.

There are buttons on the shoulders of the dress, so you pull the tabs out and over the short sleeves, roll the sleeves, and it really does change the style and mood of the dress.
This comes in handy when I need to flex my mus-cles.
Grey Dress worn as Top: Zellers; Red skirt: thrifted; Tights: H&M; Shoes: thrifted;  Necklace: from Mumbai, street vendor; Earrings: Saskatoon; Ring: InPink (see here)
Ok, this last photo doesn't actually belong with the rest, but Mark and I were trying to shoot pictures here, and it just wasn't working out but I still really like the idea of the black backdrop with those huge snowflakes. So here's one, just for fun.
~ Thanks for stopping by. Photos by Mark. We'll be back in two and two.
Does anyone remember what two and two reference is from? ~


  1. You are so almost always a, in my opinion a total miss. That is if you are looking for honesty iso of only compliments. You usually put yourself together more than exquisitely, but today it seems like it's "Clash Tuesday". I hope I didn't make an enemy now, however you are out there for opinions, right?:)

  2. "We'll be back in two and two." That's my boy Chuck Woolery's line on "The Love Connection"!

  3. Love your mix of gray and red and the pop of color in your tights look great with your shoes!


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