Sunday, January 8, 2012

Inspiration: Benazir Bhutto

It may seem as though this outfit was inspired by Christmas, what with the red and green. But actually this outfit is inspired by one of my heroes Benazir Bhutto. And this post is dedicated to her memory.
There are hits of green to honour the Pakistani flag. I'm wearing a vintage paisley print jacket, because paisley is so incredibly 'Indian' or 'Pakistani' - you see it in mehndi designs, on our clothing, in the decorations. I always saw her in red, a colour for her passion. And of course she always wore a signature white scarf or 'dupatta' on her head for modesty - so I've got my Canadianized white scarf.
 We specifically chose this location to take pictures because of the satellite dishes. Symbolic of her incredible skills as a communicator, and the fact that my relationship with her was as a journalist trying to get her story. My father had a similar relationship with Benazir's father.
 That red plastic bracelet is one of my favourite items in the world. My mother wore that bracelet every single day through the 80s.
 If you'd like to read the column I wrote about Benazir Bhutto on the day she was killed, you can find it here.
~ Photos by Chris.~
Outfit details:
Dress: Jacob
Vintage Jacket: thrifted
Scarf: Arden - gift from mom.
Tights: H&M
Vintage Boots: thrifted. Also worn here.
Earrings: Suzy Sheir. Also worn here.
Bracelets: Mom's


  1. Omgosh! This is another favorite of mine, for sure. LOVE your style in this one!

    RIP to Ms. Bhutto. She was a woman of great courage and confidence. As a woman of color, women like Ms. Bhutto inspire me to never give up, fearlessly be myself, and be unapologetic for my power.

  2. That vintage jacket is such a wonderful piece!

  3. Great photos! Love the choice of backdrop.


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