Monday, December 19, 2011

What to Wear For Super Thrifting

I went thrifting with some friends this weekend, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to highlight an outfit that works when you're treating shopping like a competitive sport.

This angora and wool blazer is my mom's, I wore the matching pants in yesterday's post - here.

Below you'll find some tips on what to wear when power shopping, I hope they'll come in handy on Boxing Day. For my non-Canadian friends, Boxing Day is the day after Christmas when retailers have massive clearance sales and Toronto turns into a bit of shopping zoo. So you have to go in ready to action.

  • Wear (relatively) neutral tops and bottoms so when you're trying on new things, it's easy to picture how you'll style them. Simple jeans and t-shirts are perfect for this. 
  • Wear a simple shirt so that it's easy to throw on sweaters on top, or blazers and jackets. Try to avoid getting into the change room, it's just exhausting and eats up a lot of time.
  • Wear light-weight clothing because it gets really warm when shopping, and you don't want to be uncomfortable. I will often leave my bulky winter coat at home while thrifting because it's just extra weight to carry.
  • Wear minimal make-up because when you're slipping clothes on and off in a hurry you don't want to smear lipstick all over the stuff you're trying on.
  • Wear an elastic waist pant so you can pull them on and off quickly. (I know this may sound ridiculous but it does come in handy.) Alternatively wear tights with a long tunic so you can slip pants or skirts right on top.
  • Wear shoes that slip on and off easily. No laces.
  • Don't wear long earrings or necklaces, they get tangled up and sometimes get pulled off during the changing process.

Embroidered Top: Joe Fresh; Pants: Thrifted; Banana Republic Blazer: Mom's; Scarf: Dad's; Shoes: Urban Outfitters.
~ Photos by Daryl ~
Confession time: It was actually super chilly and I ended up putting on jeans, and another sweater before we left for thrifting. Nevertheless, the spirit of the rules apply.

Daryl got this fantastic cashmere winter coat. Priyanka tried to convince me to get this lovely jewel-tone skirt but I actually went home empty handed. I'm waiting for Boxing Day!

Do have any rules that need to be added to this list?
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  1. Awesome! Sounds like when I hit the thrift store with Sabrina and Ro that one day, I was (more or less) perfectly attired! I've been wearing my cute, thrifted trench. I brought it with me to NYC. I'll take some photos next time I throw it on...which should be tomorrow.

    Love the blog, cuz!

  2. Love this post (and you look beautiful and ready for some serious shopping!)
    These tips are fantastic and SO important (but easily forgotten). I love that you mentioned avoiding long necklaces...they are my worst enemy when trying on tops. The only other tip I can think of would be to avoid spending too much time on your hair. A simple, down "do" works best for taking tops on and off :-)
    Love your blog btw!
    XO - Marion

  3. Great tips! I'm terrible with the jewelry thing. I always wear too much and then have to take them all off before I try on clothes and then put them back on. It's annoying!


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