Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Sister Nazia's Birthday

Happy Birthday Nazia!
It's my little sister's birthday today, and we celebrated on the weekend with the two of us, and my parents. 

We think of Nazia as a divine gift from God, or the universe, or the Force, or chaos, or whichever theory one chooses to believe because of the clarity she gives our lives.

Floral Tunic: Katie; White Jacket: Urban Outfitters; Jean Leggings: Joe Fresh; Boots: Urban Outfitters; Earrings: Blanco in Lisbon.

Here's one of your presents Naz! Taadaa!
And below is a picture of Nazia, who was also the photographer on this very chilly day.
You might recognize these sparkly slipper from this post.

And our birthday treats from the new Loblaws at Church and Carlton.

Did you see the birthday post for my mom? Here it is.


  1. Your blog is so cool! come to visit mine!

  2. You look so beautiful with that huge smile in the first photo ;) Happy birthday to your sister! I love both outfits on you guys!

  3. You guys are an amazing family..Love you father ,his thoughts ,his writing and his speaking and his clarity..


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