Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Lonely Payphone

Here is something you hardly ever see anymore: someone using a payphone. My cell phone hasn't been working this week.

Dress: Thirfted; Alfred Sung Blazer: Zellers; Tights: H&M; Boots: Payless; Belt: Thrifted; Pearl Earrings: Purple Jade.

I walk past these payphones every day, and I know it sounds loopy, but it's so sad to see them. Nobody uses them anymore. Everyone has a cell phone, an iPhone, a smart phone.

So I make a call. The payphone has a life purpose, let me help it fulfill that destiny.

I had been looking all summer for a clasp belt like this. I saw a lot of other bloggers and stylish girls around town wearing a leaf version, which I'm pretty sure was from H&M. So when I found this unique and playful version for $1 I decided that starfish are more fun than leaves.

Woah! This conversation is not going the way I expected! You kiss your mother with that mouth?

Oh well, the conversation didn't go as planned, but at least me and the payphone got to hang out.

~Hope you're having a great weekend~


  1. What compassion, who care about the pay phone any more

  2. Chris and I were talking about the payphones just last evening!.. It's 50cents to make a call now? Woah!

  3. Just wanted to say I *love* the new posts (and the photos to go with)! I feel like I need to start stepping up my fashion game. LOL.

  4. looooove this purple dress so much. it fits you perfectly!

  5. in Down Town Toronto you are lucky to find even one. go to 905 area and you can't even get a payphone, Once my phone battery died and had to walk 1.5 KM in the rain to get to a gas station which luckily had a payphone still. No taxies either :)


  6. "You kiss your mother with that mouth?"

    No. But, a motherf***** "kissed" that mouthpiece.


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