Friday, December 16, 2011

Lace and Polka Dots

A friend and I often talk about how we want to be bolder about mixing patterns, and put unconventional fabrics and prints together. This is what I've tried to experiment with in this outfit. Lace. Polka Dots. Lots of dots.

You'll notice that polka dots on my top are a much smaller than the dots on my tights. But I've also worn pearl earrings, a pearl brooch as a belt buckle, and a bracelet with pearls, all to emphasize the dots.

Polka Dot Top: Urban Behaviour; Alfred Sung Lace Skirt: Zellers; Tights: H&M; Anne Klein Shoes: thrifted: Pear Earrings: Purple Jade; Brooch as Belt & Bracelets: Mom's.

Years ago, while Chris and I were on an artists tour, we met an artist, who had a fantastic collection of paintings where the paint was put on canvas in haphazard patterns, with tiny solid white circles scattered around. The paint in the background looked like it was flying, zipping, speeding. But the circles and dots were still and calm. The painter said that she had 'recently discovered the dot' and was using that symbol in her collection. She had fallen in love with the dot. And who can blame her? Calm and still in her paintings. Feminine and fun in fashion. Everyone needs to discover the dot.

~ Thanks for dotting by, make sure spot on by tomorrow. Photos by Mark ~


  1. I love this entire look Natasha! The mini dots with the big dots (which I need the tights now!) with the lace is such a great mix of textures and prints.

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  2. This is one of my favorites. I'll be trying this one out in particular.

  3. I adore this look! Those tights are just adorable.

  4. i love the mix of prints, it looks great together and of course your red shoes!

  5. Vibrant, charming, upbeat, engaging and still very professional

  6. thanks for sending me a message about this dot-tastic outfit post. the mixing of the two different sized dots with lace and red works so incredibly well! and it's always neat to find new-to-me blogs, so thanks again!

    dash dot dotty

  7. Love your red shoes, they add a nice pop of color to your mixed print look.

  8. pattern mixing yeah yeah yeah! you did a great job by mixing tiny dots with lace and big polka dots...

  9. Oooh, i love that skirt! I adore lace. And great mixing and matching.

  10. Love the combination of colours! you look pretty sweety!

  11. Chic and fun! Love how you mixed the textures, great way to revamp a classic look, so in love with your tights!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  12. this is a perfect example how to mix textures, your lace skirt and shoes are gorgeous. the heel of the pumps is metallic?
    ps: I'm listed in flor,Dany and Ashley B&W challenge too :)
    jfashion blog

  13. Great Idea! Love your outfit!


  14. Love the skirt Natasha! you look so pretty

    stay fab!


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